3 Smart Solutions To Everyday Fashion Problems!

3 Smart Solutions To Everyday Fashion Problems!

Whether it’s trying to zip your favourite new dress or attempting to avoid bra straps peeking through, sooner or later we’re all bound to encounter Fashion Girl Problems.  These super easy tricks will solve ALL your fashion troubles! Here are some basic fashion hacks every girl should know.

While scrolling through magazines we come across lovely dresses and varied silhouettes and we immediately want to recreate the look. But it's not that easy, zipping up dresses, keeping your off shoulder tops off the shoulders are tough to pull off without small tweaks. 

The struggles are real and we try to not give much weightage to these fashion struggles. But not anymore, we have complied 3 fashion hacks that every girl needs to master.

1) The Zipper Hack: It's always a struggle to put your zip up especially when it runs all the way down your back AND there's no one to help you/ you can't leave the room unzipped. All you need is a long necklace with closures at both ends, and this video! 


2) The Bra Strap Hack: Pin your bra straps onto the inside of your top to prevent them from making an unwanted appearance at awkward times. Make sure to keep it concealed, a safety pin showing is not a better option. 


3) The Off-Shoulder Hack: The off-shoulder trend is having a massive fashion moment. While it shines under the spotlight, it can be quite embarrassing to be pulling your sleeves down to keep the off-shoulder actually off the shoulder. This rubber band trick is what you need to make your look flawless and graceful. No pulling. No tugging. 


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Team Glamrs!

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