Milk - The Magical Ingredient That Your Skin Needs!

Milk - The Magical Ingredient That Your Skin Needs!

Remember all those times when we were little our moms forced us to have a glass of milk everyday before going to school? When pain milk didn’t work, they used to add all sorts of malt powders into the milk but having milk was a necessity. Why so? Milk has uncountable benefits for your body but did you know, its a miraculous ingredient for your skin too? In fact, hair too! Shampoos, conditioners, face moisturisers, body lotions etc have used milk extracts in them to enhance their benefits. But how about using this magical ingredient in it’s purest form? It’s not difficult or messy at all, you will just need raw milk! 

Everyone knows that milk is a moisture powerhouse and when your skin is well moisturised and hydrated, it glows! 

Digging more into the scientific aspect of it (because hey, science never lies) you will discover that milk has Vitamin A,D,B6, biotin, protein, calcium, lactic acid which all primarily contribute to the wellness of your skin. 

Here’s a few things that will happen to your skin when you start practicing this technique regularly - 

- Dryness, flakiness of skin will be reduced 

- Collagen production will have increased 

- Cracks and spots will have reduced 

- Itchiness will reduce 

- Ageing will have slowed down 

- Will cause firmness 

- Skin will possess better elasticity 

So, even if raw milk doesn’t have the best taste in the world, it will definitely work for your skin. Also, a little tip would be to start having a glass of milk everyday. We are extremely caffeine dependent as adults and that is working against your skin. No wonder we were healthier and had great skin when we were kids! Imagine what results you would get if you got benefitted by milk internally as well as externally! :) 

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