9 Things You Don't Need In Your Closet!

9 Things You Don't Need In Your Closet!

We all hoard on to things in our closet way past their expiration date. A jam packed wardrobe not only looks ugly but also makes it impossible to navigate through. Hence you land up wearing the first thing you lay your eyes on and your style falls in a rut. Here's your basics to a successful closet cleanse.

1. Things That Still Have A Tag:

If you still have tags on your clothes, it’s certain that you don’t have any memory of the piece and never will in the future. How about gain some karma points and toss it in the charity pile.

2. Things That Are Out Of Style:

If you have outdated clothes in your closet yet you're hoarding on to them because trends come back in fashion. Toss them. Do you really want to store these pieces for so long? But if you are very attached to a certain piece them keep that, but let the rest go.

3. Things That Are Broken/Ripped/ damaged:

We all have those pieces that have rips or tears in them and we are under an illusion that we will get it fixed. But do we? If you still haven’t got it fixed I’m sure it’s going to still sit in your closet till your next closet cleanse.

4. Things That Don’t Fit:

Have you kept your high school clothes yet in the hopes that one day you will fit into them? Let’s get real, keeping those pieces in your closet is just going to remind you of how smaller you were and frankly who needs that baggage?

5. Shoes That Hurt:

Love a pair of shoes but walking in them is impossible? Toss them and care for your feet instead. I am sure your friends or family don’t want you whining & complaining all night instead of dancing and having fun.

6. Things That Have Bad Memories:

A wardrobe cleanse is to remove the bad & keep the good. If you are holding on to pieces that don’t bring back good memories, you don’t need it in your closet nor your life. So toss that dress your ex boyfriend got you, as you can’t go around proclaiming that this is your year while you’re secretly still thinking of him.

7. Does It match your personality:

Knowingly or unknowingly we all are impulsive shoppers. Just because a piece is reduced to 70% we land up buying things that we will never wear. So maybe offer to pass it to a friend or cousin.

8. Imagining that you will someday wear it:

If you are holding onto a piece imagining that one day you will wear it but that day has never come & let me tell you it never will. I have this bright orange cardigan in my closet which of course was an impulsive buy. I imagined to wear it at the beach someday. Never Worn it!

9. Bags that are spoilt:

If the bag’s zip is broken or the bag is peeling it’s time to part ways with the bag.

Give your closet a cleanse every few months, this will make your closet look organised and you will realise that you have a lot to wear. 

This 8 step closet de-tox is perfect towards achieving a capsule wardrobe. So, give your closet and yourself a makeover. 

Lots Of Love,
Simran Gandhi!

Wardrobe Courtesy:
Shirt: Jabong
Dhoti Pants + Belt: Koovs

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