How To Wear A Saree As A Cocktail Dress

How To Wear A Saree As A Cocktail Dress

Sarees are versatile and elegant, you can wear them in so many different ways. The best thing about wearing a saree is that you can drape it the way you want and look gorgeous at any occasion.

Did you know you could transform a printed or a lace saree with little or no embroidery into a no-sew cocktail dress in minutes. The best part is you get a new look out of your saree each time and by the end of the day your saree is just the same again! To your relief, there's no sewing, no stitching and nothing else that's complicated.  

So, follow these steps to drape your saree into a cocktail dress and add colours to your evening look in no time. 

1. Put on your black dress : 

First you need a short strapless black dress or a black skirt with a tube top. Also make sure that the dress or skirt does not extend the middle of your thigh otherwise the saree might not cover it.


2. Folding technique : 

Fold the longer side of your saree in half and pin the  corners that meet. Make sure that the sides match evenly.

3. Wrap around : 

Holding the pin corner at your left hip, begin wrapping the folded saree around your waist.  Once you have finished wrapping tie the inner and the outer corners into a knot. Wrap the material as tight as you can.

4. Knot it up : 

Now take the bottom outer and inner corners , lift them up towards your right shoulder and tie a knot.

5. Make a one shoulder dress  :

Put your right arm through the loop you have created and adjust the drape accordingly. You should now have a one shoulder dress. If your dress is a little loose pin up the ends you are not comfortable with in such a way that the pins are not visible.

6. Accessorize your new creation :  

Finish off your look with a nice belt over the waist or any evening accessories that you like. Opt for high metallic heels to complete the look.

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