3 Foods For Glowing Skin

3 Foods For Glowing Skin

Everybody wants delicate, supple, glowing skin!

To achieve that though, many of us pull out the wallets for those costly lotions, moisturisers and other skin-related items we’ve barely even heard of. 

Basically – we’ll do anything to get supreme skin. Won’t we? 

That’s a massive YES.

So we’ve got a simple solution that’s safe, natural and sure as ever not going to have you running to the ATM.

Simply get up and walk to your kitchen.


It’s the only place you’re going to find the 3 superfoods you can eat to get that skin looking like it’s right out of a commercial. 

And here’s why –

First up on the list:


Containing a cancer prevention agent called Lycopene, it shields cells from harm which promotes collagen giving you tighter, firmer skin.

It almost behaves as an anti-ageing element which is why this little red number should make your list 

Next? Walnuts!

A powerhouse of omega-3 fats, the principal ingredient to keeping skin moist and supple, walnuts have a high quotient of EPICNESS.

So go ahead and grab yourself a handful.

Last up, the happily unbelievable one – It’s Chocolate!

This sinful indulgence that makes our world go around is the only well known source of cocoa flavanols , a nutrient which hydrates skin.

To make it work however – don’t hoard the entire slab like it’s the last one, because ‘a moment on the lips, forever on the hips!’


Finally, what did we learn? The way to glowing skin is…..


So go grab a pen and paper you.

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