Fitness Q&A: Permanent Weight Loss Tips And A Bonus Hair Tip!

Fitness Q&A: Permanent Weight Loss Tips And A Bonus Hair Tip!

A specially made video for all our amazing subscribers and people who take out the time to post encouraging comments and questions regarding our content, thank you so much for all the love and support!

Consider this a small token of our appreciation, a quick Q&A session for the most frequently asked fitness related questions that you send our way.


Working out hard and an intense cardio centric fitness regime is the primary suggestion to weight loss, although...weight gained through pregnancy, twists this law just a little.

At this point, your body has been through an awful lot and straining it to the extreme by stressing it out with a tough workout plan isn't the answer because you cannot force your body to heal before it's ready.

Cortisol, the stress hormone is known to be released in bulk when a person isn't getting enough sleep, this hormone alone causes  weight gain, which is the number one reason SLEEP is something that should be prioritized. 

Another reason sleep is advisable is because a tired, worn out person is less likely to have the energy to put in the effort toward even the tiniest workout.

So make sure sleep comes first on the agenda!

Brutally cruel crash diets are in this case a bog no-no. A screaming baby and a tired body is stressful enough without adding deprivation to the list.

A good idea though, is to resort to super foods – foods that are rich in nutrients and low in fat and calories.

A few good examples of these are dairy products, fish, beans and chicken.

Some amount of cardio is always advisable alongside, so getting out for a brisk walk will make a world of a difference and speed the process right up.


A great question, because being under weight is as unhealthy as being overweight. 

Now while one would believe the answer to this would be to stuff your face with all things drool-worthy and go on a complete carb binge, that is not exactly how its achieved.

The truth is that your body cannot handle the sudden burst of a high calorie intake because it isn't used to it.

A good way to train your body to accept this is by slowly starting to eat more and at regular intervals. This trains your body to expect an increased intake of food.

Milk, eggs, banana, mango and of course the holy grail of delicious weight gain goods – the trusty potato are all examples of foods you can eat.


Going on a crash diet and an intense workout all at once is actually not advisable as all that does is stress you out to the brink of an angry outburst, preparing you to bite off the heads of anybody who has the courage to talk to you in the first place. 

GRADUAL weight loss is the key here, which basically means not eating less, but eating RIGHT.

No carbs after 5 p.m and an hour long workout each day is exactly whats needed and what requires a good amount of concentration.

Get into some cardio at first and shift to toning up with weights once the excess kilo's have fallen off.


Take 2 tbsp's of gelatin and mix it with your shampoo. Massage this  into your scalp and let it sit for around 2 minutes, Watch as the gelatin adds intense volume to the hair giving the illusion of thicker, more luscious locks.

We hope these tips were helpful, keep those questions coming, we adore an enthusiastic audience!


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