Healthy Habits To Lose Weight | Diet Basics

Healthy Habits To Lose Weight | Diet Basics

When observed as a lifestyle choice governed by good habits, weight loss isn't as taxing a task as it seems.

As habits are part of your everyday routine, they subtly sink into your daily life and settle themselves, making major positive effects in the long run.

So here's 3 good habits to implement to get you started!


Even though this sounds over indulgent, it totally works in the opposite way! Eating less and  more often as opposed to 3 big meals a day actually keeps your metabolism up and your insulin levels stable.

The fact is, that your body doesn't exactly digest every single thing you eat in a day. Some of it is digested while whats left, is stored as fat. Eating every two hours ensures you're going to be eating less, hence the amount of calories per meal drop.

Ingesting fewer calories at a time means your body doesn't have to over work itself trying to digest a huge amount, instead it works more efficiently on smaller amounts of food, quickly digesting it and not storing any remanence as fat, simply because there is no excess amount. 

A great way to avoid storage of fat and prevent over eating, this one is a must because it exercises a dual advantage.


Eating during the later hours isn't exactly advisable – and here's the logic behind it. At night time, your cells are barely sensitive to the nutrients the body provides, for the simple reason that this is a time at which it doesn't need much. The body has already gone into rest mode and doesn't require the same energy it does during the day time. 

This basically means that mostly everything consumed during at this time will surely get converted to fat, so make sure your dinners are early because that prevents the big 4 – bloating, constipation, acidity and weight loss.


Although it may seem a little unrealistic in terms of actually jotting down what you've eaten right after you've eaten it, this a big boon. 

This is because we usually think we've eaten a lot less than we've actually consumed. Religiously writing it down actually provides an accurate record of what youve eaten all day and helps you monitor all the naughty little snacks you've swallowed that your mind conveniently forgets about.

3 simple habits are all that stands in your way to your wight loss resolutions.

So get at it!

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