How And Why To Travel Alone As A Woman | Safety Hacks

How And Why To Travel Alone As A Woman | Safety Hacks

To our amazing Indian women, the ones that are capable of so much, and then some.

If there is one area in which we don't have the utmost experience, it’s taking a trip, visiting foreign lands, travelling the world – ALONE. 

And that ladies, is the KEY word.

There’s definitely a handful of women that have had this experience and hats of to them, they’re wiser for it. 

For the rest however, if you’ve still got some hang ups or doubts, here’s coming to your rescue, your one stop guide.

Be fearless. Be adventurous. Be safe. 


Research is so underrated. It’s the one thing that will perfectly acquaint you with your surroundings before you even get there.

The street, the hotel, the well reputed local handouts – all yours for the taking!

In addition to that, research would also help point out the dodgy neighborhoods – the places where it isn’t advisable for a woman to be on her own, and that is an absolute blessing. 

Did you know that most Universities in London advise their students to ALWAYS take a black cab as opposed to calling themselves a cab from a service?

This is because the black ones are known to be the safer option as they’re registered. 

And how does one find that out? RESEARCH of course!


Know the name, number and address of your hotel, as if it were own home. 

These details will bring you right back to the known if you’ve gone into total tourist mode and ventured into a strange area while your head was buried in a travel brochure. 

Plus there’s always the helpful stranger you can flag down, shoot of your address to get directions from.


The 3 c’s for ANY situation.

Be clear. Be calm. Be confident.

Learn them. Love them. Live them. 

And you’re golden.

Safe travels ladies, you are more capable than you realise. Now prove it :).

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