All About That "Base"  | Using Concealer As Foundation!

All About That "Base" | Using Concealer As Foundation!

Perfecting that base is a skill that comes with time and with every try, you’re discovering something new, something that works for you, something that doesn’t… basically the list doesn’t end! And while making such discoveries, our makeup expert Pallavi Symons came up with a brilliant idea of using concealer as foundation! Sounds weird? It isn’t! For instance, if you run out of foundation and want to achieve a perfect base, don’t you think using something that you already have will work better than running to the store to buy a new bottle? Or even if you want to try something new and refreshing, this is a great idea to achieve a two in one concealing + foundation technique as you’re using just one product to multi-task. 

Here, Mac Studio Fix Cream concealer has been used, but you can also use the NYX Above and Beyond Full Coverage concealer or the Miss Claire Cream concealer.

Here's why you'll need a stippling brush: 

A stippling brush has finer fibres towards the top that help you perfectly blend the product into your skin to provide that airbrushed finish. Blend the product in circular motions until the application looks even and the patches are clear! 

Make sure you don’t get too much product on your brush as concealers are thicker in consistency and offer a LOT of coverage, so you don’t want to end up looking like a wax doll! Remember that a little goes a long way and quite literally when it comes to concealers! So, don’t worry about the quantity, focus on the quality! 

Just like how you set your foundation, use a loose setting powder to set the concealer and dust off the excess. 

Getting the perfect base was never this easy! 

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