Hair Extension Care - Simplified!

Hair Extension Care - Simplified!

Have you always been a fan of hair extensions but feel that they’re a pain to store, maintain and take care of? Extensions are a temporary, but transforming element that you can wear for length, volume or just to sport a hairstyle that you really like, but don’t have the kind of hair for it! Yes, it’s true that hair extensions can’t be used everyday (not everyone is Kylie Jenner) but for certain occasions, they can totally amplify our overall look! If you’ve been dreading the thought of buying extensions because of their “temporary” shelf life, it’s time to say goodbye to that dreadful thought! 

There are two types of extensions available - real human hair and artificial ones!

As explained in the video, fake hair extensions have a very high shelf life. However, it's necessary to store them in a cool cardboard or a plastic box. Make sure you wrap them in a paper and then store them. You can also check in on them once in two months. 

Here are some tips that you can follow to clean and store the extensions - 

1. Don’t over wash the hair extensions as over washing can lessen the shine, dull the texture and eliminate the volume. So, be gentle!

2. Don’t use too much product i.e. too much shampoo or conditioner. 

3. Always brush the extensions before you wash them.

4. Use lukewarm to cold water to wash them. 

5. Use a hydrating, moisturising conditioner, leave the conditioner on for a while. 

6. Rinse thoroughly making sure all the conditioner is out. 

7. Let the extensions naturally dry, and spray any leave in mist when they’re damp. 

If you noticed, these procedures match the way you’re exactly supposed to wash your real hair! 

Treat your extensions with care and they’ll never fail to surprise you with the amount of things you can do with them! :) 

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