How To Fold And Organise Your Lingerie | Folding Series

How To Fold And Organise Your Lingerie | Folding Series

Are you able to find your lingerie easily?  Or is it messy and impossible to navigate, your tan bra and matching tan briefs? It’s really important to keep enough space to store bras and briefs so that we get the most wear of our money. 

If your underwear pile looks like a volcano erupted, or if your bras, bralettes, and thongs are all jumbled together, here are a few quick and easy steps to an organized underwear and lingerie collection :

1. The Separation Process :  

Keep your lingerie separate from your clothes and you could cover them with a silk paper or another fabric to prevent them from getting ruined.

2. The Folding Technique : 

Folding a sports bra is not the same way as a normal wired or unwired bra is folded and stacked. A sports bra generally doesn't have an underwire hence it can be folded like normal bikini briefs. 

3. Treat you lingerie like someone you love : 

An underwire bra is a tricky undergarment to store. Most people tend to store wrongly and are unaware of the proper way to store them. You need to fold it in such a way that the underwire doesn't get ruined or comes off or juts out. Many people tend to dump their bras in their under garment drawer but remember that you shouldn't because thats a sure shot way to ruin your precious bras. 

4. Simple Storage done right : 

Folding a thong and bikini brief is very similar. All of us get tempted from time to time to just dump our underwear in a pile and not fold it but folding will not only provide you with more space, but will keep your underwear in an appropriate manner and it'll be easier to find the one you're looking for. 

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