How To Get Rid Of Back Pain | At Home  Exercises

How To Get Rid Of Back Pain | At Home Exercises

Back pain. The familiar old strain that people with have almost become accustomed to experiencing. 

There's honestly nothing worse then walking around as if you were carrying the earths population on your shoulders most of the time we think a massage is the answer to our problems.

Unfortunately, thats where we're wrong. While they can provide us with a few moment of relief, they will never make it in the long run.

So here are a few remedies you can try, at-home stretches and exercises that you can do at your on pace as well as at your leisure. 


This one is called so because the position you find yourself in actually resembles the alphabet.

Begin by getting on your back and extend both your arms outward on each side.

Place your legs in table top position by lifting your knees into the air while keep the rest of your legs straight and stretched out in front. 

Once you're in this position, drop your knees to one side and hold this position for a minute or two.

Feel the stretch in your back as you hold that pose for the said amount of time and proceed to drop your knees to the other side, holding the position for the same amount of time on that side as well.


For this exercises, sit with your back upright and bring your elbows up to shoulder level. Then using your arms, twist your back and turn around reaching as far back as you can without causing too much strain.

Hold this for as long as you need to to give yourself relief and repeat it again by twisting to the other side.


Start by laying down flat on your belly and prop yourself up using your elbows. Make sure that your elbows are directly in line with your shoulders to feel the maximum effect of this stretch.

Reach back by stretching upward, all the while making sure your elbows do not lift of the ground.

This position stimulates the blood vessels in your back thereby soothing all your back muscles. 

Now that thats over with, here are a few strengthening exercises to prevent your back from aching in the first place. 


Lay flat on your stomach once again and rise your arms as well as your feet of the ground, forming superman's flight position.

Hold this for 10-15 seconds, more if you can.

This one builds the muscles in your lower back increasing flexibility. So fly high!


Lay with your stomach to the floor and prop yourself up using your palms this time. 

One your i this position, lift your thighs and pelvic area of the floor, keeping only your feet on it. Stretch  upward and hold the position for 10-15 seconds. 

Here's hoping that these work because we feel your pain...literally!

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