How To Pick Foundation For Dry Skin!

How To Pick Foundation For Dry Skin!

Chapping, itchy, flaky, rough! These are the suffrages of everyone with dry skin. And while there are tons of moisturisers in the market, women tend to pick inappropriate skincare products that don't work for their respective skin type! If you are picky when it comes to moisturisers and lip balms, then why not makeup? Let’s consider foundation! What usually happens is, you test the foundation on your skin and buy the shade that matches your skin tone. But when you start using the foundation, you notice that your skin is still flaking and the dryness is being aggravated. When you shop for your foundation, include this little step between shade testing and buying. Read the ingredients on the bottle. If it says “hydrating” “moisturising” “vitamin E enriched” etc, then you can proceed to buy the product! 

This can often happen that you found your perfect shade, but accidentally bought a mattifying foundation which in fact, is good for an oily skin type. If you use a mattifying foundation, your skin will end up looking extra matte, flaky and dry!

In addition to this, don’t ever forget to cleanse your face with a hydrating face wash, then prep it with your go to hydrating moisturiser and prime your face. A primer acts as a great base for your makeup to sit on, sort of like a protective layer of product that adds finish as well as enriches the quality of the foundation you’re going to apply. 

If you have been using products that don’t work for you, don’t worry, we got you ;) 

Here’s a complete list of face washes, moisturisers and primers that you can use for dry skin! 


1. Himalaya Herbals gentle hydrating face wash

2. VLCC Cacti and Litchi gentle hydrating face wash 

3. Vichy purete thermal 3 in 1 calming & cleansing solution

4. The Body shop vitamin E gentle facial wash


1. Cetaphil moisturising lotion

2. The Body Shop vitamin E intense moisture cream 

3. Clinique moisture surge intense skin fortifying hydrator 

4. L’oreal Paris hydra fresh aqua cream 


1. Benefit Porefessional gel based primer 

2. L’oreal Paris base magique 

3. Makeup Forever high definition primer 

4. Revlon photo ready colour correcting primer 


1. Mac mineralise satin finish foundation 

2. Clinique moisture surge tinted moisturiser (this works as a foundation with sheer coverage!)

3. Bobbi brown moisture rich foundation 

4. The body shop moisture foundation 

5. Colorbar full cover makeup stick 

And there you have it! The best products for dry skin that you MUST incorporate in your beauty routine! :D

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