Do This To Your Skin Each Night, To Make It Feel Just Right!

Do This To Your Skin Each Night, To Make It Feel Just Right!

When you sleep, your mind is relaxing, but anatomically speaking, your body is very much active. It’s that time when body replenishes itself and that’s why sleep is SO important. It literally affects the way we look, feel, determines our mood and is a major contributor to our health. Sleep deprivation can cause your skin to look tired, it can cause hair fall, moodiness, tiredness and even body ache. 

Night time skin care routines are important because they work on your skin when your body and mind are relaxed, through the course of the night for you to wake up to beautiful and fresh skin. Also, before you go to bed, it’s really important to remove the makeup and let your skin breathe! When you carry out this regime each night, it will cleanse the pores and a provide a nice & fresh canvas for you the next day! 

You will need : 

1. A makeup remover

2. A face wash 

3. Ice Cubes

4. Night cream 

Remember to do this every night for optimum results, fresh skin, clear complexion and general skin health! 

A few more things in addition to this routine that you can follow are - 

1. Exfoliating (at least twice a week) - We love the Forest Essentials Revitalising Gel Scrub however you can opt for the himalaya walnut scrub.

2. Face mask - FabIndia has some amazing face masks and so does organic harvest! They are easily available on 

So there you go, an easy night time routine for you to practice every night! 

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