Full Body Workout Using A Flex Band | With Namrata Purohit

Full Body Workout Using A Flex Band | With Namrata Purohit

A great full body regime with just the right amount of resistance!

A flex band is totally worth investing in because its ALL YOU NEED for an equipment free, effective workout that you can do anywhere, anytime.

Something to keep in mind, a flex band is of three types – each a different level of resistance.

This workout requires the one thats of 'medium' resistance as that helps workout the legs, arms, core and basically your entire body comfortably.



For this exercise, get into position by laying on your back. Next, bring your legs to table top position and fit your toes into the flex band. 

Make sure you keep your back neutral and that you don't arch or flatten it.

Inhale, and then exhale as your extend the length of your leg, push into the flex band and then bring it back to table top position.

Repeat this a few times. This exercise works your thigh muscles, core and hips.

10 - 20 repetitions of these later, extend the exercise by pushing your feet a little distance from table top position and  extending your feet into the flex band only halfway, pulsing a few times.

This same exercise can be done in a different way as well – by putting your heels into the flex band instead of your toes and continuing the same movement of pushing your feet out and in. 

This method works in a slightly different way, activating the hamstring muscles in addition to everything else.

The third variation is to fit your toes into the flex band and join your feet at the heels, this one activates your inner thigh muscles.

10-20 repetitions of all three variations and a pulse at the end of each is the recommended amount.


Begin by laying on your side, put the toes of your top foot into the flex band, and hold it with the top hand while resting on your other arm. 

Lift your leg up, and press it down. This exercise works your abductors and adductors. (Inner and outer thighs)

The second variation of this is called the bend and stretch. This works by bending your knee forwards and pressing it back.

To make this slightly easier for people that find this challenging, a trick you can try is to bend your other leg as opposed to keeping it straight.

This variation works the glute muscles.

10-15 repetitions initially until you can work your way upto 20-25 reps.



 Begin by standing on the flex band in the centre about hip distance apart and hold the sides of the flex band in each hand.

Inhale, and then exhale as you pull put the edges upward using your arms keeping your core engaged and back neutral. Do 10-15 repetitions.

The second variation works similar muscles but in a different way.

Your feet remain in the same position but your arms extend forward instead of sideways. 

Exhale as you pull the flex band upward and inhale as you relax your arms. 

Keep your arms straight and relaxed, but not locked. Do 10-15 repetitions. 


Next, you're going to work your bicep muscles, so tighten the flex band by holding a bigger portion of it in your palms. 

Standing with your feet in the same position, keep your arms stuck to the side of your body and bend only from your elbows while you lift the sides of the flex band upward. 

Exhale to pull, inhale to release. Do 10-15 repetitions.


Shift your weight onto one leg and put the strap underneath one of your feet.

Hold the flex band in the hand opposite to the leg you've placed it under and pull it outward, leading with your elbow. 

The next variation is to pull the flex band again, except this time your arms are in a different position, stuck to the side of your body as you pull the flex band outward. Bend your arm from under the elbow only. 

Do 10-15 repetitions of each.


Step on one side of the flex band and hold the other side in your opposite hand.

Then, cross the band over from behind you and pull it upwards, over your head.

Exhale while you pull it up and inhale on your way down.

The easiest way to get in a workout wherever you go, this band is an absolute must for a simple yet effective workout.

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