Healthy Snacks That Taste Good | Diet Hacks

Healthy Snacks That Taste Good | Diet Hacks

Quick fix snacks like chips and sandwiches may be effective in curbing your hunger at that second, however they actually leave you feeling hungrier a few hours down the road.

Luckily – we have a solution!

Easy-to-make snacks that have the magic ability to fill us up and make sure we stay that way, making it a loss less likely for us to run to the kitchen at the grumble of our stomachs.

These are natural, healthy and have the capacity to assist your diet instead of kill it.

First up,


  • Contains healthy fats which make you feel full
  • Takes a longer time to digest, making you less hungry
  • Signals your brain to tell it you're full

The quickest way to use avocado that is also of course totally delicious, is by scooping it right out of its skin and onto a crunchy slice of toast. Add chopped cherry tomatoes, pomegranate and onions to amp up the yum factor.



  • Prevents storage of fat
  • Contains fibre keeping you full
  • High protein level ensures its filling

Boil a cup of oats in warm water or milk until they are well cooked. Shovel them into a bowl and maybe add a drizzle of honey to sweeten it up. Next toss in any berries of your choice, stick in a spoon and enjoy!



A more potent version of regular green tea it:

  • Is chock full of antioxidants 
  • Revs up metabolism

There are many ways to use matcha tea, the one we've chosen however is the recipe to some refreshing iced-tea. Mix half a teaspoon of matcha green tea to water, squeeze in little lime to bring out the flavour, drop in a few cubes of ice and prepare to be exhilarated!

You could also mix the tea powder into some hot water with milk if you prefer a hot beverage instead.

Happy snacking!

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