Black Tea & Rum Hair Rinse | DIY Hair Care

Black Tea & Rum Hair Rinse | DIY Hair Care

Natural foods are a major influence on the health of our skin and hair. The health of our skin, scalp and hair is a complete reflection of the foods that we eat. Despite so many years of trying out new ways to maintain our lovely locks and flawless skin, nothing ever is too much.

Our first ingredient is tea. For all you tea lovers out there, tea is not just beneficial when consumed but if you’re constantly battling against hair loss and gray hair, black tea is at your rescue. Hair fall and gray hair growth trigger panic in most of us as its not something any woman is comfortable with. In order to combat these issues, a simple cocktail of black tea and rum hair rinse will do the trick! The rinse will not only reduce hair loss, but also add some shine and lustre to your luscious locks! 

Black tea for hair:

- The main culprits of hair loss are the DHT hormones on the scalp that are banished by the caffeine content in black tea, thereby maintaining the hair thickness and reducing hair shedding.

- It adds lustre, shine, darkens and maintains the natural dark hue of your hair. It reduces gray hair enhancing the natural highlights. 

- Black tea also stimulates hair growth by increasing the blood circulation to the scalp. 

Black tea for skin: 

- Black tea is highly rich in vitamins B2, C & E and minerals such as magnesium, potassium and zinc.

- Due to its high caffeine content, black tea helps prevent skin infections, prolongs ageing and reduces pimples.

- Placing moist black tea bags on eyes, helps reduce eye puffiness as well as dark circles. It also reduces the wrinkles around the eyes.

Oral hygiene, healthy bones, relieve stress, improved immune system and energy boost are some of the other pros of indulging in black tea.

It’s RUM time!

We all love a good cocktail once in a while. But what’s this cocktail going to do to our skin and hair? This iconic dark rum comes with a set of benefits for the skin and hair. 

Rum for hair:

- Rum has an effect in increasing blood circulation on the scalp which is responsible for bringing in the nutrients boosting a healthier hair growth. 

- The alcohol opens the hair shaft that helps the scalp soak in the moisture which is hydrating the hair strands from the roots.

Rum for skin:

- If you’re looking to banish acne breakouts and bacteria from the face, you’ll want to consider rum as one of your ingredient. Rum contains antiseptic properties that help rid the skin of the lingering bacteria, cleansing your face. 

- It’s very cooling, hydrating and softening for the skin. 

You should try out this tea rinse. It’s so effective that it’ll be a part of your hair care routine in no time! 

- Team Glamrs

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