EVERY Beauty Ritual You Need To Do For The Perfect DATE NIGHT!!

EVERY Beauty Ritual You Need To Do For The Perfect DATE NIGHT!!

It’s that time of the year when red dominates the streets, gift shops and even the INTERNET as it’s that day when you celebrate LOVE! 

Amidst all the “You don’t need a particular day to celebrate love” drama, we believe that Valentine’s day is that one day when you truly celebrate any kind of love in your life! Be it your friends, family, pets, old love and NEW LOVE! Going out on that first date is surely something that gives us butterflies! Take a deep breath, ladies, because this is completely normal! 

We all want to bring our A game on, be it with someone you’ve known for a short while, or someone completely new! While having a great personality and hitting it off is a crucial factor, casting that awesome first impression is equally important! In fact these two things go hand in hand! 

On #BeautyTrailsWithTinder, we’re taking you through step by step must do’s when you’re going for that much awaited date with regards to beauty! 

So let’s jump right into it! - 

1. Cheat Sheet : Sheet masks are a GREAT alternative to facials and are really quick, easy and save time and money like nothing else! So instead of spending hours and hours at the parlour, opt for a sheet mask that’ll hydrate your skin, make it supple, bouncy and nourished. Often termed as the lazy girl’s facial, these masks boost hydration and even cure fine lines, if used regularly! 

2. Rub and Scrub - Exfoliation is a great way to shoo all your dead skin cells away and make way for super soft skin! When you’re going out on a date and need a quick solution for dry and chappy lips, head straight to your kitchen!  

3. Nailed it! - Chapped nail polish unnecessarily attracts attention, and not in a good way! Either when you’re eating or sipping on wine or using your hands to flip your hair, chapped nail polish will never look good and everyone hates it. In that case, you either skip your nail polish and take the au natural route, or you paint your nails according to your outfit! Now, obviously you don’t have the time to get a manicure done, so all you need is a nail filer, nail cutter and your fav nail polish! 

4. Twist in the tale - You don't need to go OTT with your hair, just keep it fun, flirty and feminine! We recommend  you to twist your locks into soft curls using curling tongs but DON’T forget to spray on a heat protectant and some serum! 



5. Weapons of Mass Destruction : Concealer, compact, kajal, mascara, lipstick! These five beauty products or as we would like to call them, “weapons of mass destruction” are more than just a beauty must have. They are the game changers in the world of beauty! So, smoke those eyelids, load your lashes and cover those dark circles and spots, if any! Finish off with a pop of colour to your lips and cheeks! 


6. Floss On : Don’t forget to throw in some dental floss (for some unforeseen food goof ups!)JUST incase! You’ll never know when you need them! 


A few first date tips that we’d like to give you because we love you and want you to have a great time :) 

1. Do your research - If you’re going out with someone you barely know, find out a little about them through their dating app profiles, for example what kind of music they like, what food they like, do you have anything in common etc! Pro tip - Don’t fake your interests just to have something common to talk about, just be yourself! :) 

2. Dress according to the place - Check the restaurant, club or coffee shop you’re going to and dress for the place! Overdressing can make you feel uncomfortable and all eyes will be on you when you want only his eyes on you ;) 

3. SPLIT the bill - Gone are the days when men took pride in paying for the woman! You're an independent woman so, always offer to split the bill! 

4. Be Yourself - Because if you won't be the best version of yourself, then who else will? ;) 

And there you go. Some fun first date tips with some beauty tips to make your first date a memorable one! Happy Valentine’s day ladies <3 

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