You Create the Look: 8 Ways to Style a White T-Shirt

You Create the Look: 8 Ways to Style a White T-Shirt

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Sometimes the simplest outfits are the nicest. A white t-shirt by far is the most underestimated wardrobe staple. We all have one in our wardrobe but only reach for them when we can't be bothered to put together an outfit. Don't comfy zone the basic white tee because it has the ability to take any outfit from basic to bold in seconds. 

We all have mastered paring the tee with your jeans or skirt by now. But today let's take this staple up a notch and discuss ways to make your basic tee the least basic piece in your closet!

1. Layer, Layer, Layer:
When we talk about layering, we don't just mean add a jacket or a cardigan to your existing outfit. Multiple layering is the best way to achieve an effortless yet stylish look. Multiple layering opens possibilities to play with texture, like in the look below. An oversized denim shirt, tones down the sequin skirt, making it appropriate even for the day.

2. Add A Pop Of Colour:
Do you love to wear bright and bold colours but feel that you can easily go overboard? A white tee always comes to the rescue. A white t-shirt is like a blank slate hence it's relatively easy to add colours without looking too over the top. 

3. Not Soo Baggy:
Culottes, palazzos the comfy clothing trend is on the way to turn into a fashion classic. But if not styled with care, this sure can be a height suicide. The idea is to be comfortable and not frumpy. So bring back definition to your look, by pairing a fitted white tee to show some curves. 

4: Accessory Overload:
A statement necklace, has the ability to make any outfit look expensive. There's just something about a structured bag, statement jewellery or both, that make you look like you stepped out of a magazine cover. The best part about accessorising with a white tee is, that it gives room to experiment with accessories, which can get restrictive with other colours. The only rule to keep in mind is, do not mix metals when wearing statement pieces.

We hope this is enough to prove the versatility of a basic tee.

Lots Of Love, 
Team Glamrs!

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