Get Ready For The Ultimate "HOLIday"

Get Ready For The Ultimate "HOLIday"

Holi is just around the corner and let's face it, it's all fun and games until you come back home, take a shower and EVERYTHING about your skin and hair upsets you. More than the actual excitement of the festival, we spend more time worrying about what the colours are going to do to our beloved skin and hair. Almost everyone is sitting on the internet, googling different and easy ways they can protect their skin and hair and have the utmost fun on holi.

Well, your search ends right here! We've decoded some DO's & DON'Ts to make things a lot easier for you but it would help if you play with organic colours as prevention is always better than cure! 

Let's tap into the legit reasons why these colours are harmful for you, and then move on to how you can STILL overcome all those harmful chemicals and have a worry-free holi! So let's begin! 

Initially, years ago, the only standard colour used was gulaal which was  prepared from flowers coming from trees, such as the Indian Coral Tree and the Flame of the Forest, that had medicinal properties, beneficial to the skin. The standard reddish pink colour then started upgrading into many different colours which introduced the outbreak of chemicals into them! 

As pretty as these colours look, what's in them might just shock you. They're created using chemicals like copper sulphate, chromium iodide, aluminium bromide amongst others. If you're a bling enthusiast, it will break your heart to know that powdered glass gives these colours that gleaming effect. Therefore these are best avoided. 


- Oiling your hair and wearing a cap is the ultimate hair care trick that you need to follow! Also, tying your hair in a braid or a bun and tucking it under the cap really helps. 

- Apply a generous amount of olive oil on your skin with a sunblock with at least SPF 50 and PA +++. Then, you can spray some more mattifying sunscreen to reduce the greasiness. 

- Trim your fingernails and toe nails, and apply a coat of clear nail polish all over your nails including the nail bed and cuticles, which you can easily remove with a nail polish remover post holi. This will prevent the colour from going inside and staying there. 


- Exfoliation helps in really getting rid of the stubborn layer of colour that sticks to your skin. You can use besan, honey or sugar for the same! 

Remember that unlike every other indian festival, its best to dress DOWN and go completely carefree! So let’s do justice to the spirit of Holi and dive into the happiness of colours by just following these simple skin and hair care tips! 

Happy Holi! <3

Lots Of Love! 

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