5 Superfoods For Glowing Skin

5 Superfoods For Glowing Skin


This series is aimed at moulding you into someone thats healthy, wealthy and wise! These foods that have incredible properties that not only help to optimise every girl's most treasured assets like hair and skin, but they also work their magic healthwise keeping you in top form!

Welcome to superfoods.

Since we are what we eat, strap on a cape because super girl,  because you’re going to need it after eating these.

Our very first episode is all about foods that will give you a glow akin to the ones found in a cheesy skin commercial.

So, sit back and take notes on which foods are worth putting your money on!


Here's a little something that Popeye's always been preaching! We've got to hand it to him though because –  spinach contains anti-inflammatory properties that prevent acne by reducing the level of oil in the skin, preventing those smug pimples that smirk back at us from our reflection in the mirror.

A good way to eat this is to toss yourself a nice delicious salad topped with tomatoes and feta cheese....(and then invite me over for lunch.)



These fruits are own the prestigious title of 'superfood' because they contain a high level of Vitamin C, which creates ligament and scar tissue in the body that repairs and maintains skin cells keeping them hydrated and moisturised. 

You can chomp on these directly or fruit salad your way to super skin by slicing and peeling them and serving them up with pieces of strawberries and mango.

Juicing is an option too as long as you down it immediately to attain all its juicylicious benefits!


Having a horrible day that just doesn't seem to ever end? in that case – almonds are your guys! They give an instant burst of energy to help you power through your day and also have amazing properties of healing and rejuvenating skin.

Honestly who could refuse a brand spanking new, sparkly face?

Hog on a handful or crush them over your oatmeal or yogurt to make it a dash more excieitng.


These tiny little fruits are known to be the king of superfoods because they’re loaded with antioxidants that strengthen the collagen in the skin.

Collagen is basically the most abundantly found protein that holds the whole body together which we would probably be all over the place without and that's not good for anybody! 

Any over 30's? Here's a little bonus for you – they also prevent signs of premature ageing, oh joy!

And the last but not the least...



This delicious and simple food is packed with lactic acid that helps fade out dark spots or pigmentation, it also has antibacterial properties that fight off certain acne0causing bacteria.

Yogurt definitely belongs on the superfoods list, so to make the most of it, eat a bowlful topped with fruits and nuts or take the the traditional route and make yourself some chaas.

Want that glowing skin? You know how to get it. Good thing its all upto you :)

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