Superfoods For Healthy Hair

Superfoods For Healthy Hair

This series is aimed at moulding you into someone thats healthy, wealthy and wise! These foods that have incredible properties that not only help to optimise every girl's most treasured assets like hair and skin, but they also work their magic healthwise keeping you in top form!

Welcome to superfoods.

Since we are what we eat, strap on a cape because super girl,  because you’re going to need it after eating these.

Our second episode is all about foods that will give you hair like a lion’s mane! 

So, sit back and take notes on which foods are worth putting your money on.


It’s a well known fact that salmon is really good for your health. Ever wonder why? Well, it's because it’s loaded with the right amount of proteins, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins and nutrients that are essential for healthy beautiful hair.

The anti-inflammatory properties in salmon help unblock the hair follicles, opening them and promoting healthy hair growth. 

So go ahead and include salmon in your diet by baking or grilling it with some delicious stir fried asparagus and a few drops of lemon. 


Next is the king of fruits – Mango. Loaded with VIT A & E it doesn’t just help fight dandruff but also encourages scalp circulation promoting hair growth.

It also creates collagen in the body giving structure to the hair by strengthening it. Faster growth and stronger hair has got to be the best combination and honestly – who could ever refuse that? 

Have mangoes as a whole or make a delicious smoothie with 2/3rd cup of milk. You can even mix it with some yogurt and dig right in!


Found in every household, cottage cheese has a larger fan following than any other food! Paneer contains 2 high quality proteins like whey and casein that are pros at preventing a dry scalp. Without much needed protein our hair would become dry and brittle enough to be mistaken for a damaged broom....and that ladies is a fact!

It also contains amino acids  that are required to maintain healthy hair!  Consume this bad boy by simply pan frying pieces and adding some much needed chat masala to it to spice up your life...or at least your plate.


These are packed with a wide variety of vitamins and minerals that help keep your hair vibrant and strong. It also helps to transport oxygen to every cell in the body including the scalp. This in turn stimulates hair growth by improving the health of the hair follicles.

So eat these raw or boiled with some fresh mint and olive-oil dressing and watch your hair grow Rapunzel.


The healthiest vegetable broccoli contains a high level of nutrients as it’s rich in Vit A and C that produces an oily substance called Sebum which is secreted by hair follicles. This acts as a natural hair conditioner.

Now there's a little something we didn’t know about this highly worshipped vegetable.

So, go ahead make the most of this by adding broccoli mixing it into a salad along with with 1 chopped onion, a 3/4th cup of almonds and a single cup of mayonnaise.

So now that you've got the knowledge, lets see you put it to good use!

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