5 AWESOME, Life Changing Uses Of Vitamin E Oil

5 AWESOME, Life Changing Uses Of Vitamin E Oil

Ever wondered why moisturisers and other skin and hair products emphasise on vitamin E so much?

Vitamin E is an anti oxidant that helps repair and build tissue. So be it hair or skin, vitamin E is going to fuel the process of building the tissue hence causing firmer skin. 

It is hence induced in many cosmetics and skin care products for healing and protecting. It is a major contributor in the anti ageing procedure and keeps the skin youthful looking!

It is easily available in the from of capsules at chemists. Thick and sticky in consistency, you won’t need more than one capsule for your skin and two for hair. It's also available by The body shop on nykaa. Here's a link : 

The uses : 

1. Makeup remover : If you’re into gel liners and waterproof mascaras, vitamin E oil is your one stop solution to get rid of them. While makeup removers will do a fab job in getting rid of them, vitamin E oil provides skin care as it’s banishing the tough liner off your eyes. Just mix one capsule with some olive oil to thin the consistency. Alternatively, you can also use coconut oil! 

2. Under eyes : Vitamin E firms the skin and as you age your under eyes need the most of this firmness as they begin to sag with time. Potato juice helps in reducing fine lines. Important key to keep in mind is - Be consistent! 

3. Stretch marks : Stretch marks are caused due to a lot of reasons, one of the reasons being losing or gaining a lot of weight too quickly. Vitamin E oil helps combat the marks it leaves on your areas. Now, don’t hesitate to wear those mini skirt’s and sleeveless tops that are lying useless inside your closet! 

4. Nail growth : Chipped cuticles are painful, ever wondered what causes the chipping? Most of the times, it’s the dryness of the skin! If you’ve ever gotten your nails done, or visited a nail spa, you will notice they use cuticle oil for nourishment. This oil is enriched with vitamin E, so applying this in it’s purest form promotes nail growth and can also combats the dry skin! 

5. Hair growth : This is our favourite and super effective method! You can mix the vitamin E oil with olive oil to promote rapid hair growth! But the best part about this is, you can literally mix it with whichever oil that suits your hair, be it coconut oil, almond oil, castor oil, the versatility is mind blowing! 

Some of the other uses of vitamin E oil are- 

1. Full body moisturiser : Add a capsule of your vitamin E oil into your everyday body lotion and use it for optimum results! 

2. Face packs : You can add a capsule of vitamin E oil to any home made face pack or scrub for best results! I personally love the vitamin E and oatmeal face scrub. Mix the two ingredients along with a few drops of lemon juice and honey and scrub the face for soft, bouncy skin! 

3. Boosts Immunity : Consuming vitamin E boosts immunity and keeps your blood vessels healthy, But if consuming the capsules is too much for you, here's a list of foods that are rich in vitamin E 

  • vegetable oils, especially wheat germ, sunflower, and safflower oils
  • nuts and seeds
  • avocados and other fats

The vitamin E oil is a blessing in disguise you can never underestimate the power of! Hope you enjoyed reading this and implement this magical ingredient into your skin, hair and health routines! 

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