5 Superfoods For A Strong Body And Mind

5 Superfoods For A Strong Body And Mind

This series is aimed at moulding you into someone thats healthy, wealthy and wise!

These foods that have incredible properties not only help to optimise every girl's most treasured assets like hair and skin, but they also work their magic health wise keeping you in top form.

Welcome to superfoods!

Our last and final episode is all about foods that sharpens your mind and strengthens your body – so sit back  and lend us your eyes!

1. TEA

Even before it became a trend, tea has always been a staple in each and every household, and these days – one  can barely turn a corner without running into a tea cafe.

With good reason though, and here's why – tea is known to contain high quality antioxidants called flavonoids that reduces the risk of diabetes, cancer and even alzheimer's. It also promotes stronger bones, gums and teeth.

So brew yourself a hot or a cold batch and sip away on its precious goodness!


This nutrition firework has a bit of a bad rep because of it’s high level of fat content, but hey – don’t make it the villain, because avocados are loaded with GOOD  fats that keep your blood sugar levels steady!

Basically it keeps your your blood pressure from shooting off the roof –Phew!

It also contains Vitamin K that helps to prevent blood clots by improving memory. 

So have these by eating them raw over toast with onions and tomatoes or even stuff them with some delicious tomatoes black beans and coriander.



Believe it or not chocolate is a healthy treat, as long as you choose wisely! Dark chocolates contain antioxidants called flavanols that have anti-inflammatory properties that help lower blood pressure and improve blood flow to the brain and heart. They are also natural stimulants that improve your mood instantly. 

So go ahead and pop a piece to enjoy its amazing benefits.


In order for our brain to work at all times it needs fuel. Chickpeas contain magnesium that reduces those dreaded menstrual cramps.

Now that ladies, is a blessing in disguise!

It also allows more blood to flow in the brain that relaxes the blood vessels, in turn relaxing you! So don't ignore them.

All you have to do is get yourself a big bowl of hummus along with a delicious serving of peta bread and dig right in. (Oh the salivation!)


These brown, crunchy nuts are high in Omega-3 fatty acids that not only improve heart health but also reduce the level of bad cholesterol.

An added bonus – they can even improve your mood, so clearly walnuts emerge as a great superfood to snack on on a daily basis. 

Health’s number one rule is to eat a handful a day. So you know what to do!

There you go 5 amazing superfoods that may just help you live a more productive, longer and healthier life!

You're welcome, you!

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