5 Ideal Bras Every Woman Needs, Through Her Life!

5 Ideal Bras Every Woman Needs, Through Her Life!

Being a woman can be fun, but it's not easy. We bet, every woman in her 20s, 30s and even 40s will stand in favour of this statement. Aside from the hormonal and physical changes during adolescence, most of us go through the awkward phase when breasts start showing up and they won't stop growing. Today we are here to talk about "the over the shoulder boulder holder" The bra! This little strip of fabric has the ability to transform a woman's silhouette and in some cases, her life.

As you get older, your style evolves and you standard basic bra just won't cut it. Here are the 5 bras you would need, no matter your size, style or wardrobe, at every stage of your life. 

The Playful Child: 

The Triumph party bra is a must have for every girl in her 20s, as this is the time to explore and experiment with your style. When it comes to wearing tank tops, halters or any other tricky necklines, a multiway bra comes to your rescue. This bra is made for fashion versatility, as it can change up the straps to fit your style and the amount of support you want.

The Independant Girl:

The most valuable piece in every girls closet is the T-shirt bra. This bra gets its name, from its ability to seamlessly sit under a fitted cotton t-shirt, hence you don't have to worry about the bra lines peeking through your clothes. The smooth, seamless cups, almost camouflage under even the tightest shirts. You might expect white to be the most versatile colour, but white will show through. Our little secret, grey is the new white!

The Better Half:

The right bra has the power to make you feel more confident and in control on the inside, as well on the outside . The phase of romance comes with a lot of excitement and anxiety and simultaneously, a lacy bra adds a touch of feminism to your regular bra-drobe, spicing things up. The Triumph lacy smooth bra is very flattering and the 1/2 cup padded bra gives just the right amount of lift to your breast. 

The Irreplaceable: 

The phase of becoming a mother is like pressing the reset button to your life. With a little one demanding all your attention, a new mom forgets to care for herself. The maternity bra is a must have to keep you comfortable and well-supported. The Triumph maternity bra is uniquely designed to provide comfort with its non-wired, full coverage cups. It also features a high neck bridge with high armholes & a side panel, providing excellent support and fit. The best part, the all - over lace fabric makes it look aesthetically appealing.

The Wiser Woman:

As you grow older, your body goes through various changes and so should your bra. The right bra at this stage must offer fuller coverage in all the right places and wider straps, so they really stay put. The Triumph support bra is the perfect blend of comfort, support and technology making it the most desirable bra for this stage of any women's life. 

Hope you find a bra for every you!

Lots Of Love,
Team Glamrs!


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