The Magic Solution For Hair And Skin | Culture Shock

The Magic Solution For Hair And Skin | Culture Shock

Hello there lads and ladies,

Welcome back to Culture Shock, a series that brings you fitness and nutrition trends from all over the globe, expanding those horizons!

The birthplace of this next nutrition trend is South Africa, it’s called Rooibos or Red Tea, and here's why you're gonna want it!

Let’s kick off with a bit of the backstory. Rooibos Tea is made with the leaves of a bush plant which is only grown in South Africa.

The leaves were first used to make herbal medicines, which pretty much already gives you an idea of how healthy this is.

A Russian immigrant first popularized it by marketing Rooibos as a substitute to tea, fortunately he knew a lot about herbal teas in general and wasn’t just pushing it so he could do the backstroke in a pool of his own money, and’s the big daddy of the rest of the teas.

The main thing about it is that it's naturally sweet and needs no sugar so it's an amazing substitute to the infinite number of coffee cups we consume a day.

Unfortunately it doesn't give you the same kick coffee does, so you won't be bouncing of the walls after drinking it, but – it has no caffeine so it's the perfect substitute to the EXTRA cups you have during the day.

Excess caffeine has some mildly tragic side effects like a restless feeling or inability to sleep. So this tea is great if you're trying to kick that nasty coffee habit.

Now here’s the beauty bit so ladies, listen up!

Rooibos is rich in Alpha hydroxy acid and Zinc, two nutrients that are great for skin and combat acne, sunburns and an uneven skin tone.

So skin – CHECK!

Now comes our next obsession – Hair!

Luckily, Rooibos has our backs on that too, because it's rich in Zinc, Calcium and Potassium, all of which are minerals required for hair growth. So regular consumption can strengthen the hair fibres and lead to faster growth. It also prevents hair loss because it removes dead skin cells that may be blocking the hair follicles and preventing growth of new hair.

You can drink this tea by mixing it with milk and sugar and substituting it for coffee, is basically using a concentrating amount  of Rooibos and making in the same way as normal espresso.

You can find the tea at any gourmet food store. It’s not exactly the cheapest item though, but it's definitely worth a shot just to see if it’s miracle benefits kick in for you. Once you get your hands on it, enjoy, because that right there, is the taste of Africa!

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