Chrome nails are all the rage this season, as this is the season where metallics have taken over everything in the fashion world, so why will the nails stay away? 

Chrome nails are like the big daddies of the nail art world, and can look good on almost everything and are absolutely great for festivities or celebrations! 


The amazing thing about getting chrome nails is that it can be done on normal nails and even extensions, so there’s absolutely no compulsion when it comes to getting them done. We all wish we could have nails that wouldn't chip off the colour in just two or three days of applying 

The steps are quite simple - 

1. Smooth out your nail bed. Just like your face needs primer to form a perfect base for the foundation to sit on, your nails need to be perfectly even and smooth for the gel polish and other things to latch on to without any bumps! To do this, use a nail buffer and get rid of all the unevenness. 

2. Shape 'em! Do you like your nails round, pointed, square or squoval? Grab a filer and shape them into your desired shape! Remove the dead skin around the cuticle and let the nails dry, if they're moist at all. 

3. Apply PH bond - PH bond is a nail dehydrator that helps get rid of any moisture whatsoever, so it is a very important step that you just can't miss! 

4. Apply Gel polish - What is gel polish? What's the difference between gel polish and nail polish? Gel polish is the polish that's cured or dried under the UV lamp. It has the abilities to "seal" under the UV lamp, hence not moving and staying where it is! Didn't we mention : NO CHIP? Nail polish, on the other hand chips off easily! Make sure you apply a nice, even coat of gel polish! For rose gold, choose a bright pink shade, as when you apply the chrome it will diffuse the pink and make it rose gold. 

5. Curing - The UV lamp seals the gel polish which makes application of the chrome powder easy! 

6. Chrome powder - If you're a lover of all things glitter, the chrome powder application will hands down be your favourite step! Use an eyeshadow applicator to rub the pigment on your nails, exfoliate until you see the rose gold showing up. 

7.  Dusting off the excess - Ok, being completely honest here, the chrome powder is going to spill and cause a tad bit of a mess, so make sure you keep your fluffy brush handy to dust off the excess! Also, if you're a glitter lover, we're pretty certain you wont mind having glitter all over you! 

8. Seal the deal by applying top coat over the nails! 

9. Cure AGAIN! - Don't lose patience, we're almost done! Cure the nails under the UV lamp again for 90 seconds and TA DA! You have the most amazing metallic chrome nails ever! 

This manicure will last you easily three weeks, without any problems whatsoever so get ready to dazzle, GO CHROME! 


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