Your Ultimate Guide To Saree Hacks

Your Ultimate Guide To Saree Hacks

We all sure think no other outfit comes close to how stunning a saree  looks! But are you terrified of them at the same time? Are you scared your saree wont stay put together the entire night. Make way! Your ultimate guide to all your saree problems is here. 

1.     Concealed Pinning Trick
 When pinning any gap between the tow hooks conceal the pin by taking in only the bottom layer of the overlapping side.

2.     The Knot 
 You can begin knotting one corner of the saree and then continue draping it normally. The knot will secure it in place and ensure it does not open up while you're walking, or dancing around. You can also pin your pleats if you don’t want to tie a knot the pin will have the same effect as a knot, as it will keep the saree in place. Don't be scared to wear heels to elongate your legs, as the knot under the drapes will do all the work of keeping the saree together for you.

3.     The Shape Up Trick
For a tighter grip and a more defined waistline, tighten the drape on one side of the waist. To do so pull the extra fabric from under the pleats and tuck it inside. This is a great way to accentuate your curves. Pin the saree at the waist before pleating for a tight drape.

4.     Pin The Pleats
Pinning the pleats will prevent them from slipping you can also make sure you pin under the first pleat of your saree for added safety to prevent loosening.

5.     Instant Fish Cut
Collect the extra fabric at the left hip then neatly pin it under the pleats for a slimming effect.  It gives a subtle flare to the saree without a can can lining underneath. This way you can transform any saree you may already own into a fish cut saree without having to invest in one.

6.     Use Coloured Pins
 Instead of using a silver pin use a safety pin matching to your outfit and voila what safety pin?

7.     Pin Your Pleats
While draping keep the pallu pinned for unified pleats, you can remove the pins later when you are done draping the saree if you like.

8.     Pin Vertically  
This ensures that the fabric will hold better if you do it horizontally

9.   Pin at the waist  
To secure a falling pallu by pinning it at your hip. This will ensure you have a free flowing pallu but still keep it from coming your way. 

10.  For A Neat Pallu Pleat At The Back
 Your pallu around the back not the shoulders for a neat looking pallu.

11. Pin Soft Sarees To Keep Them Folded – Have you ever folded a saree perfectly but while looking for other clothes you pulled out an end and the whole saree fell apart. Well we’ve all been there at some point, you can avoid this in the future by just securing your saree with a pin and it will stay put together until the next time you really need it.

12. Pin the pallu at your waist
Dance the night away being completely carefree by simply pinning your pallu at your waist and you can be rest assured the pallu will not mess with your dance moves.

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