Nordic Walking: The Easy No-Gym Workout | Culture Shock

Nordic Walking: The Easy No-Gym Workout | Culture Shock

Need to be physically dragged by the hair, caveman style to the gym?

If your answer is yes – here's a little something to the rescue!                                                       Getting the hang of this simple yet effective workout is going to make sure you never have to go back.

Welcome back to our series featuring global secrets to fitness and nutrition. Episode 2 is going to continually make sure you remain CULTURE SHOCKED.

This fitness trend originated in Finland, it's called Nordic walking and is basically a more intense form of regular walking because it involves holding poles while you do so.

The upside to this, is that is ensures your upper body is getting as much of a workout as your lower body.                                                                                                                                      

Just walking, mainly stimulates your thigh muscles, glutes and your lower leg muscles. It DOES target your upper body as well but extremely little! When you use poles however, you’re applying force to them with every step so it also stimulates your triceps, biceps and shoulder muscles.

Basically, nordic walking is a whole body workout and produces 46% more energy consumption than regular walking.

So the main thing to remember about exercise is that unless you look like somebody thats been dragged through a field of dirt and thorns by the end of it – you've taken it easy!

Here’s a little bit of the backstory to Nordic walking.

When deprived of snow, athletes in Finland would train for cross-country skiing by walking and hiking outdoors with sticks or ski poles. Through this idea, Nordic walking emerged as a fitness activity and specially designed poles, similar to ski poles were invented for the purpose.
All you have to do is adjust the poles to suit your height and the technique to follow is to take a longer pole stride, so you have to use your pelvis and ab muscles to really pull yourself forward.

The one thing you have to remember is to keep the rubber base of the stick constantly behind you because if the sticks are in front at any point you might trip over them. 

Avoid any injury or more importantly embarrassment by leaning forward and taking long strides but ALWAYS make sure the rubber base is behind you.

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This technique is a simple way to decrease fat on your daily walk and it improves muscle strength very fast making it, perfect for somebody who has gotten of the couch in months!

Stay tuned for our next episode of Culture Shock and you should definitely – stay Glamrs!

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