Summer Fashion Tips & Tricks | Hot Weather Hacks!

Summer Fashion Tips & Tricks | Hot Weather Hacks!

Summer is here and along with it comes the sweltering heat! 

Figuring out what to wear every morning when the rising temperatures allow only 50% of your brain to function is already hard enough. Doing it when you know that your whole body is going to become a sweaty, bloated, frazzled mess as soon as you step out of your house is all you need to send you back to bed. 

It is a task to project a certain amount of style in the sweltering heat, unless you’re going for the fresh-from-the-gym, damp kind. It’s all about being strategic and applying a few tricks that ensure maximum breeziness, and that can mean one thing only.

 Its time to pull out all your  favourite skirts, dresses, shorts and sandals!

Staying cool and comfortable whilst still looking cute is not easy, especially with the rising temperature outside. Here we bring to you cute summer outfits- everything from casual to classy.You can pair a cropped singlet with a pair of trousers for a chic yet comfortable look or even opt for a solid coloured shirt paired with a long skirt to make a cool yet elegant outfit.

Shopping for summer clothes? Cant decide between the all time classic pieces or going with the flow and trying out the latest trends of the season? We have for you some amazing fashion hacks to beat the heat and have you summer ready!

1. Adding Botanicals Subtracts Pit Puddles:                                                                                  Floral prints add a fresh look to your entire outfit. Incorporating botanical prints into your look will add a fun twist to an otherwise boring outfit.  Heading out in this rising temperature leaves you looking like a hot mess. These prints also help hide those embarrassing pit puddles that are inevitable in this humid weather.

 2. Light is Right:
Larger tote bags are often the most convenient option for carrying your essentials around but not in this unforgiving heat! Avoid carrying large tote bags that will cling to your side and instead opt for smaller cross-body bags with thin straps to maximise comfort.

3. Loose over Tight!:
Wearing shirts or tops that are tucked into your bottoms will cause unnecessary layering making you feel warm and sticky so instead pick a crop top or a tie-up that you can wear with anything from a pair of shorts to a beautiful midi skirt.

4. Pastels are more Pleasing :
When choosing summer outfits opt for colours in the pastel family such as light pinks, blues and peaches. They look more feminine and elegant. Also, lighter colours absorb less heat and are hence more cooling than the darker ones.

5. Right Way of Layering:
Make sure all the pieces of clothing you choose are of the right size. Well-fitted clothing in natural fabrics, such as cotton or linen, will not stick to your body hence allowing breathability. If you wish to add layers go with an item that has an open-weave knit for the same reason such as a crochet cardigan or open knit sweaters.


6. Less Doesn't Always Have To Be More!:
This should be your motto if you want to stray from the classic summer looks and go for something more classy this summer. Ditch your tank tops for a more elegant look using sleeves silhouettes in cooling fabrics such as rayon and linen.

7. Alternate Accessorising:
You would probably pair your usual metal necklace with your outfit as a statement piece but avoid doing this as it will stick to your skin due to the heat. Instead put on a pair of long chunky earrings to finish off the look.

Hope this helps you have a breezy summer!

Lots Of Love, 
Team Glamrs!


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