An Easy At-Home Summer Workout!

An Easy At-Home Summer Workout!

Here's to the last and final episode of The Ultimate Home Workout Series where we show you how to use items from around the house to get a fit, toned body!

 So let's make the most of it and have a sexy summer! 


When in doubt, squat it out! That’s right, everyone knows squats help build leg muscle and strengthen your core but by using a bag as weight helps in maintaining your balance and concentration as well!

  • Fill in the bag with items that are a bit heavier than the bag – think books and water bottles, enough for you to be able to still lift the bag.
  • Now stand shoulder width apart and hold the bag with both your hands. 
  • You can either press the bag against your chest, hold it a little far away from your body or put it on the back of your neck whatever suits you.
  • Keeping your back straight, bend your elbows a little, inhale and squat holding the bag. 
  • Keep your back neutral, don’t arch it or round it. 
  • Do 2 sets of 12 reps each and gradually build it up.


There are endless exercises for arms but the basic and the best are push ups, as they focus on your arms, abs and lower body all at the same time.

  • Stand with your toes away from the counter/table.
  • Place your hands on the table slightly closer than shoulder width apart.
  • Lower your chest as close as to the table as you can while holding your body straight.
  • Remember your elbows should stay close to your body and your butt shouldn’t be sticking out.
  • Press and push your body back up. 
  • Do 2 sets of 12 reps each.


These are sure to make you STEP UP to the plate! This exercise strengthens your glutes, more so if you have a flat one!

  • Step on the stool with your right leg your knee should bend to an almost 90 degree angle. 
  • Place your hands on your waist and bring your left leg up to the chest. At this point both your legs are on the stool.
  • Step down with your right leg returning back to the starting position
  • Now step on the stool with the left leg repeating the same.
  • Do 15 steps leading with each foot twice.

There you go – 3 simple exercises you can do right at home without having to go to the gym. So lets welcome SUMMER with our arms wide open! 

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