How To Build Your Personal Style - PART I

How To Build Your Personal Style - PART I

What is style? Put it this way- you can’t buy it. Style is of an abstract nature which means either one has it or doesn’t. Style is the ability to look smart and carry yourself well, while making it seem like you are doing so effortlessly. 

You don’t necessarily have to be bold with your looks or follow an ongoing trend to the tea to be stylish. That is when your Personal Style comes into play. No two people are the same, so why shouldn’t our styles be unique as well? It is essential that each of us dresses in a style that we are most comfortable with. 

In this article we discuss how to discover, build and shape your individual personal style.

1. Globally, you will encounter various style categories such as :
Classic Traditional
Classic Elegant
High Fashion

2. Your personal style can be divided into 2 parts as well that are Dominant Signature Style and Secondary Signature Style.                                                                                  

3. To discover you personal sense of styles there are few questions you can ask yourself such as :

1. What do you value the most? Is it femininity or sophistication?
2. Do you prefer street style or high fashion couture wear?
3. What makeup look do you prefer?  Is it a dewy-fresh look or a bold eyes and bright lips?
4. Would you rather wear an understated minimalistic look or a classic glam look?
5.  Which accessories do you prefer? Is is more precious stones or funky styles.
6. Would you wear, delicate or chunky jewellery?
7. How would you style your hair? Soft curls or natural wind blown hair? Or, a short bob with zero maintenance or long hair with regular maintenance. 
8. What are the colours that you love? Pastels or Neutrals? Or you just like to incorporate a lot of colours in your wardrobe.
9. The fabric that most appeals to you, is it lace, chiffon or silk? Or cotton, cashmere or polyester?10. What clothing details do you look for? Is it texture, colour, prints or pattern?

Mixing too many styles can also work against you as this could send mixed messages to those around you and may not be very pleasing to the eye either. 
It is important to carefully craft your style according to your image an profession. for example, a woman working in the corporate world will dress very differently as compared to one that is working in the advertising agency. 

Every individual has a unique signature style. Everything from your choices in hairstyles, make up, clothing and accessorising makes up and shapes your personal style. Once you have recognised your personal style it is easy for you to shop without much effort and thought. This also saves you time and money.

Remember, fashion trends change every season but your personal style should always remain the same. Adapt to the change around you but remain loyal to what you are truly comfortable in. 

Stay tune for our upcoming video where we will discuss each category in detail with you!

Hope this helps you discover and shape your personal style.

Lots Of Love,
- Team Glamrs!



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