How To Use Activewear To Burn Calories | Closet Secrets

How To Use Activewear To Burn Calories | Closet Secrets

 It's very important to find the right exercise routine. It does not matter what your favourite workout is, whether it's running, cross-training, lifting heavy weights or yoga, your ACTIVEWEAR plays an important role.

 Hey there lovelies, it's time to suit up right !


A good workout should leave you dripping with sweat. So it's time you dress for success. Here's where moisture wicking fabrics like  polyester, lycra and spandex play an important role.

These fabrics pull moisture away from your skin and helps  cool you down, so that you can have an utterly seamless workout with zero distractions. The moisture wicking property will help keep the stink away - which we all know is a major distraction.

Cotton is not the best fabric for high impact workouts involving a lot of sweat because though cotton absorbs sweat, it does not wick the sweat away and leaves you feeling sticky and uncomfortable which will cause you to cut your workout time in half.


It's wise to invest in a workout gear that will  lower your risk of getting injured. Buying that pair of sneakers just because it on a 50% discount will do you no good and your feet will pay the price!

Invest in a pair of shoes that will cushion your feet from heavy landings and always wear socks  to make sure your shoes fits you perfectly.

Remember ladies replace your shoes once every year.

Also, always wear weather appropriate clothes. On a hot summer day, wear a long sleeve shirt, a cap and sunglasses, to protect your body from the damaging sun rays. 


It's very important that your clothes allow complete freedom of movement..

Do you get a mini panic attack when your yoga teacher says it's time to do a headstand , because all that's going on in your head is how are you going  to prevent your top from riding up.

 Breast defence? A good sports bra will help prevent the sag. 

Before you pick your sports bra, you should know your activity. Low support sports bra are worn for walking and yoga. While cycling choose a medium support sports bra and for intense activities like zumba and aerobics choose a high support one.

Replace your sports bra when they no longer offer good support.

Life isn't perfect but your workout clothes can be. So, let your ACTIVEWEAR help you stay fit and healthy always.

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