8 Kurta Styling Tips For The Girl On A Budget!

8 Kurta Styling Tips For The Girl On A Budget!

Kurtas are one of those few pieces of clothing that are super comfortable along with being extremely stylish. Be it for home-wear, workwear, parties or just a movie, the versatility of a kurta makes it a classic. One can hardly ever go wrong with a well-fitted kurta.

The western influence has caused a lot of young girls to believe that wearing Kurtas or Indian clothes may not be as ‘Cool’ as wearing their non-ethnic counterparts.

Through the styling in this video we want to make the modern Indian woman fall in love with Kurtas. They should be seen as something that can easily be at par with a really pretty dress or a gown. Well styled Indian wear can be absolutely stunning and can literally even be the only silhouette a woman’s wardrobe consists of.

Here we bring to you 6 different Kurtas from our collection that you need to have in your wardrobe.

1. Block print kurtas :
Block printing in gold, silver or bronze can make a solid coloured kurta go from simple to glamorous. Kurtas ending right below the knees are ideal for a shorter person as they can instantly make you look taller. Since these kurtas already have a print all over them there is no need for a border. This also gives an advantage of height. 

2. Tasseled Kurtas :
Angarkha style kurtas with tassels and very comfortable to wear and look good on every body type. They have bordered slits running down the sides of the kurta that make the body appear leaner. This is the perfect choice for women that are conscious about their body shape or size. 

3. Black and Gold kurtas :
Gold gives a richer look to any outfit, whether it is in the form of an accessory to the outfit or a print on it. It is also a great substitute for heavier embroidery. Pairing this with a gold and black ghagra can make  for the perfect wedding outfit or even for a more traditional evening look.

4. Mirror work kurtas :
When the top section of the kurta is heavier as such, the bottom being simpler balances out the outfit. With all the attention being drawn to the mirror work on the kurta it is advisable to use a plain dupatta. This can also work the other way around, a dupatta with heavy mirror work can be used to dress up a plain anarkali. 

5. Indie-folk kurtas: 
- A kurta paired together with the same coloured bottoms can give you a very sophisticated look yet casual look. This can be both traditional as well as Indo- Western depending on what the kurta is paired with. When accessorised with statement pieces the same outfit can appear heavier and give a richer feel. Such an outfit could also be paired with a heavily embroidered shawl.

- Short printed kurtas can be paired with pleated pants in plain colours for an Indie- folk look. These kurtas can also be paired with denim jeans or flared pants to step away from an ethnic look and make it more quirky.

Hope this makes you fall in love with kurtas all over again.

Lots Of Love,
Team Glamrs!

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