The 2 minute Tucked In Bun Updo

The 2 minute Tucked In Bun Updo

Letting your hair out.. is OUTT! And summer updos are in! And what else do you need in this scorching heat? Keep your neck hair free and sweat free without compromising on your style with this easy up do, which as the name suggests, can be done in literally TWO minutes! 


Start by blowdrying your hair. Remember to use a heat protectant before you blow dry! We recommend the Tony&Guy heat protection mist! 

Once you’ve blow dried, it becomes easy to collect all of the hair and turn it into a hairstyle! 


You will need : 


1. A hair brush 

2. hair ties 

3. U pins and bobby pins 

4. A tail comb/regular comb 

5. A hair accessory (optional) 

The steps : 

1. start with brushing you hair neatly assuring all the knots are removed 

2. take the top section of your hair and using a comb, tease the hair by combing it back and forth 

3. Take the section behind the front section, the crown and tease it the same way - this adds the much needed volume at the top section of your hair making it appear fuller and voluminous. 

4. Collect all the hair at the back using a brush and tie a pony tail using a hair tie - remember to use a medium hair tie and not something that’s too thick or thin. Twist is twice or once according to your convenience, the hair should’t be loose that it just falls apart. When you do the final twist, tuck the hair and hold it mid way. Now, turn the hair upside down such that the hair on the bottom comes on the top, then secure it. 

5.Then, make an opening in the centre, top and then push all the hair through it, on the inside and neatly tuck inside. Secure with bobby pins or U pins. 

Accessorise! - This is optional, so if you’re planning to sport this hairdo on a function, wedding or something, you can accessorise it using a real flower (Yes, that’s still a thing) or a broach, or any fancy pins that you like. These floral pins are available at stores such as accessorise, H&M etc. 

But don’t be under the impression that this is a hairstyle just for weddings, functions and special occasions! Heading out on a regular day and want to give your regular bun a twist? THIS is the hairstyle you should be sporting! 

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