Beauty Habits That You Should Follow For A Flawless Skin

Beauty Habits That You Should Follow For A Flawless Skin

All of us yearn for that flawless and radiant looking skin, but usually don’t have the time to follow an extensive skin care routine. Most of us have rushed mornings but it is essential to incorporate a few habits in our daily routine for a forever young skin. In the beginning it may seem like a task, but once you get used to following a specific daily drill, there’s no looking behind. 

You’ve probably even tried out every trick in the book to look your best and get that gorgeous skin, but yet, not satisfied with the outcome. You may also have spoilt your skin with expensive products or facials at the parlours, but achieving that speckless skin seems like a far fetched dream. Just try incorporating the following tips in your daily beauty routine for a couple of weeks and see the difference in your skin.

1. Use an antioxidant serum

Antioxidant serums are rich in Vitamins C & E that protect the skin from ageing. Our skin gets damaged during the day due to pollution, exposure to the sun and many other environmental factors. So taking good care of the skin before you leave the house and after you return home is imperative. Anti-oxidant serums do that rejuvenating work for your skin. Always apply the serums after cleansing your skin and before applying the moisturiser. 

Tip: Consuming 2 cups of green tea daily will also help you reduce cell damage. Green tea too is enriched with flavonoids, an anti-oxidant, that protects the skin from early ageing. 

2. Avoid excess sugar

Excessive sugar intake will give rise to skin inflammation and acne too. Shift your mid-day snack from sugary foods to nuts, yogurt or salads. Whatever you ingest, has it’s effects on the skin. So the right intake of foods will show positive results on the skin too! 

3. Stay away from hot showers

A long hot shower, strips the moisture off the skin, making it looking dry and dull. Dry skin ages faster and is highly prone to inflammation. Always shower with warm to cool water not lasting for more than 5 minutes. Make sure to moisturise your skin immediately after you step out of the shower. 

4. Get your beauty sleep

Getting your Z’s for the right number of hours is extremely essential in looking well rested and brighter. While you’re sleeping, the body rehydrates, repairs and rejuvenates the skin to maintain the right pH levels of the skin that make it look fresh and young at all times. Make sure to remove your makeup, cleanse and moisturise before hitting the bed.  

5. Wear healthy makeup

Ensure that your makeup products are free from silicone and mineral oil. Makeup products with SPF should always be preferred. Healthy products add an extra layer of moisture to the skin avoiding it from drying out and flaking. 

There are a few other habits explained in the video that will help you achieve that beautiful, flawless looking skin without much ado. These tips are easy to do and the best thing is, they do not lose your pocket more.

- Team Glamrs

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