Easy To Do Yoga Poses For Pregnant Women

Easy To Do Yoga Poses For Pregnant Women

 Getting pregnant does not mean you have to give up on your daily exercise routine. Try these gentle yoga poses that will be beneficial for you and your baby's well being.

Make sure you consult your doctor before attempting any of these poses. Also, it's ideal to practise yoga as a form exercise after the second trimester.

 Sit in a cross- legged position on the floor. If you can find a block, try sitting on a block because it raises your pelvis higher than your knees and creates more space. It also lengthens your body.

Next place your hands on your knees or on your bump. Close your eyes and gently inhale through the nose and exhale through your mouth. Repeat this a few times to centre your mind.


This pose will balance your body and relieve a cranky back.

Take your arms out and down to the floor. Inhale and lift the right arm all the way up , while lifting your sternum. Exhale and bend over, walking the left arm slightly forward and rolling the left elbow in.

Keep rooting down on the floor with your right sitting bone and breathe. Take about 5 breaths and deepen the pose.

Inhale, lift your arm up and come back to the centre. Exhale and repeat on the other side.


This pose improves flexibility in the hip area and helps reduce knee pain. It also helps to facilitate a smooth delivery when practised till late pregnancy.

Start by walking your feet out and bring the balls of your feet and heels to touch. Then hold at the ankles and start to gently flap or bounce both legs together. 

As you breathe, allow the knees to relax. Do this for a couple of minutes and then relax. After this take a moment to pause and reflect on how you feel.


Like they say, never underestimate a woman with a yoga mat. Take time to focus on your pregnant body  so that you are better equipped to handle all the major life changes that are on their way. 

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