Falsies Application Made Easy!

Falsies Application Made Easy!


Eyelashes are the most underrated part of our face. They’re often ignored and we don’t realise how much of a difference can they make if groomed perfectly! 

All of us want naturally long lashes and in the world of lash lifts and other trends, stand the good old falsies. 

Falsies are fake lashes that instantly amp up any makeup look and make your eyes appear bigger, wider and fuller. Growing out you lashes naturally might take some time, so if you are headed out for an occasion where you could totally use a dramatic eye makeup look, falsies to the rescue! 


You get falsies according to your desired thickness and length in various beauty stores and online as well! So pick the ones you like and get started! 


The steps are quite simple, all you have to do is - 

Step 1: Take some lash glue

Step 2: Apply the glue evenly on the back of a thin brush (or even a toothpick) 

Step 3: Apply the glue now onto the base of the lashes

Step 4: Roll the lashes to keep the shape while blowing on the glue 

Step 5: Apply lashes close to your real ones,just above the lash line - use a tweezer to do this

Optional, Step 6: Curl your lashes with a lash curler. 

Finally, finish off with an eyeliner and of course, mascara.

Adding mascara is important as it sort of brings the real and the falsies together and gives it a natural, voluminous look. 

Falsies look GREAT with a nice smoked out eye makeup look and/ or a bold lip like shown in the video! 

So go ahead, experiment!! :D 




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