The Health Benefits To Wearing Indian Accessories - Closet Secrets.

The Health Benefits To Wearing Indian Accessories - Closet Secrets.


Jewellery and women go hand in hand. I have enough jewellery, said no woman ever.  Women have worn jewellery to make a style statement since time immemorial, but did you know that your favourite ornaments can also boost your health.

Let us take a look at the awesome scientific reasons behind wearing your most loved ornaments.


Women love wearing bangles because these colourful ornaments are not only super attractive but they also help a woman  enhance her feminine grace and beauty. Wearing Bangles is a must for married women.

But that's not all, bangles cause friction on the wrist area, which help in increasing the blood circulation levels. The round shape of the bangles prevents energy from passing out of the body which helps a woman retain her strength and a strong woman can carry the weight of the world.


Toe rings are so much more than a mere fashion statement. The reason why Indian women wear them after marriage is because toe rings have  sexual effects, as they put pressure on the nerves that are connected to the uterus and the heart.

They also help in regulating the menstrual cycle. Due to constant friction while walking, they revitalises the reproductive organs and keep them healthy and increase your chances of conceiving.


Take a look at your ears closely.  The shape of your ear lobe looks like an inverted baby  . Indian philosophers believe that getting your ears pierced helps in your intellectual development by assisting in better decision making and increasing your thinking power.

Earrings also regulate your menstrual cycle because when you wear earrings it puts pressure on the nerve which is connected to the reproductive organs.

Crazy but True Fact

This fact might sound absolutely ridiculous but yogis actually practice stretching their ear to  increase their intuitive capacities and open their third eye. Sigh.. the things people do to attain nirvana.


Sindoor is pure and powerful and has been given a lot of importance in Indian tradition. Did you know that Indian women have worn sindoor for more than 5000 years? It is prepared by mixing turmeric, lime and metal mercury.  

Sindoor activates the pineal and pituitary gland in our brain where all our feelings are centered and therefore helps to reduces stress, keeps the brain active and alert and also controls your blood pressure. 


While wearing a saree, inserting a Chabi Challa at the edge of the pleats makes you look oh so hip and also helps you keep your throat clear of mucous and phlegm.

This is due to the acupressure that the hook exerts where it contacts the skin thereby assuring you have a clear voice. So go ahead and sound like the next Indian Idol Superstar you always dreamt of being.

So next time you see a woman wearing these Indian ornaments, ask her why she wears them and if she has no clue then let that be your conversation starter. 

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