How To: Conceal And Correct Dark Under Eyes

How To: Conceal And Correct Dark Under Eyes

Dark circles can happen to the best of us! And there are various reasons for them to appear like late nights, stress, sleep deprivation and list goes on. 

The good news is that, you can conceal them. But before we get into the steps of concealing dark circles, let’s take a look at all the available concealers and the correctors and what exactly are they meant for!

Corrector shades.

1. Green Concealer

Because green is on the opposite end of the color wheel from red, green concealers are perfect for correcting out red tint around your eyes, and can multitask to conceal inflamed breakouts and blemishes.

2. Lavender Concealer

Lavender concealers are perfect for counteracting any yellow tones around your eyes, as well as brighten any yellow-tinted discoloration on your complexion.

3. Yellow

Yellow correctors are also known as the universal corrector shade. Yellow correctors work wonders in concealing any redness, blue tint, or even purple tint around your eyes.

4. Orange

You must have seen that viral video where a red lipstick is used to correct your dark circles? Well that’s exactly what an orange corrector does. It helps correct any blue or purple tint under your eyes. This logic is that warm tones neutralize cool tones, genius right? 

5. Peach 

Peach correctors work exactly the same as orange correctors, the only difference being that this colour work great for those who have a fair complexion. 

Now that we know what shades do what, let’s move on to the steps that you need to follow to conceal and correct your under eyes.

Step 1: Prep up

While makeup can help camouflage dark circles, it’s equally important to treat your eyes with a good lightweight eye cream, as this will not only treat the dark circles, but also ensure that your concealer glides on smoothly without creasing.

Step 2: Neutralise those dark circles

It’s important to cancel out uneven dark circles before applying concealer. This will make concealing quite easy, and will avoid the under eye from looking grey. 

Step 3: Don’t let it settle

After choosing the right corrector shade, it’s important to choose the right formula that works well for the under eyes. Liquid formulas work the best for under eyes. Always pat the concealer especially when you apply it on your under eyes, and let it settle into the skin so that it doesn't crease.

Step 4: Set it

To make sure your concealer is locked in place, set it with a translucent powder. Avoid using mineral powder around the eyes, as it can accentuate creases around your eyes.

Concealers have always been our quintessential makeup product, our ‘busy day and sleepless night’ staple! But using it with a corrector is your sure shot way to some instant flawlessness and there’ll be no going back once you’ve tried them! 

So your new formula should be: Correct + Conceal = Flawless!

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