Symptoms of PCOS

Symptoms of PCOS

We all know that PCOS i.e Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a condition wherein estrogen levels in the body are unbalanced. This leads to the growth of ovarian cysts that not only affect the menstrual cycle but also affect the cardiac functions of the body. It is a complex condition as the symptoms are very hard to identify. The symptoms of PCOS usually start showing as early as, immediately after the first menstrual cycle. The most common and noticeable symptom is an irregular menstrual cycle. There are various symptoms through which one can identify PCOS:

Symptoms that affect your body:

  • Hair loss / hair thinning

Androgens in the body stimulate hair follicles causing excess growth of hair in unwanted places. For some, these hormones have a reverse effect on them and it leads to hair thinning and heavy hair fall.

  • Irregular menstrual cycle

Even though some women with PCOS have regular periods, high levels of androgens and insulin can disrupt the monthly ovulation cycle and menstruation.

  • Acne

Increase in the androgen levels, enlarges the size of oil glands in your skin. This leads to excessive oil production, thereby causing acne.

  • Infertility

High levels of androgens and insulin brings about a drastic change in the menstrual cycle and prevents ovulation. Ovulation can be irregular or may even stop, making it difficult to conceive naturally.

  • Weight gain

Weight gain because of PCOS is triggered by the male hormones. Women with PCOS tend to accumulate fat in the abdominal area since that's where men carry most of their body weight. Because of this, most women with PCOS have apple shape body instead of a pear shape.

Psychological symptoms: 

  • Depression and anxiety

Women with PCOS often face challenges with respect to their feminine identity because of the presence of male hormones. This leads to loss of self-esteem, anxiety and depression.

There are few more symptoms that can affect the overall health of a person experiencing PCOS. Symptoms such as diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, cardiac disorder are linked to the sudden weight gain in women with PCOS.

Not everyone suffering from PCOS will have the same symptoms, at different stages of life. A teenager will suffer from breakouts, a woman in her 30s experiences irregular periods, hair thinning and hair in unwanted places. Infertility or difficulty in conceiving is also one of the major concerns of women experiencing PCOS. 

We hope these symptoms helps you understand PCOS better, and help you take steps towards a healthy lifestyle.

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