Sun Tan & Pigmentation Removal Do’s & Dont’s 

Sun Tan & Pigmentation Removal Do’s & Dont’s 

The UV rays of the sun can lead to severe skin damage, sun tan, sun burns and pigmentation if not taken care of at the right time. Who doesn't want a flawless, fresh, dewy looking skin at all times? But maintaining such skin is a challenge. 

Sunscreen is the key to keep these skin related problems at bay, but it is not the only solution. The ultraviolet rays of the sun, damage the skin in ways that only applying sunscreen cannot prevent. There are many common mistakes committed by us in order to reduce pigmentation and sun tan. Here is a list of Do’s & Don’ts curated for you to care for your skin especially during the summers: 


  • Wear a sunscreen daily:

Staying inside does not mean that you can get away with applying sunscreen. No matter where you are, it is essential to wear a sunscreen. Reapply it after every 2-3 hours to avoid getting a tan. For our tropical weather, a sunscreen with SPF 30 is ideal. Do not forget to apply sunscreen to your hands and legs, as they are too exposed to the sun and need the required  protection.  

  • Limit your time that you spend in direct sun:

Staying away from the sun is just not possible, so the least we can do is limit the time under direct sun.

  • Invest in skincare products that meet your skin requirements:

It is important to choose skin care products wisely. Opt for formulas that don't sting or cause a burning sensation as products that irritate the skin can worsen the condition of the skin. Look out for terms such as fragrance free, sulphate free, or hypoallergenic on the product label. Avoid products containing menthol and synthetic colorants. Make sure to do a patch test before buying a product to avoid any skin related problems.

  • Follow a skincare regime:

Stick to a specific skin care regime especially if you are getting your skin treated. Our skin gets rejuvenated while we sleep. So, following a certain skin care routine before we sleep is quite essential to maintain the texture of our skin. 


  • Dont not rub your face:

Many of us are usually under the misconception that constantly rubbing the skin or over exfoliating it will help get rid of pigmentation. Constantly rubbing the skin causes friction which in turn darkens the skin further. So the pigmentation is not taken care of but it worsens even more. 

  • Do not steam your face.

Anything that turns your face red, whether it’s from over exfoliating or steaming your face more often will trigger the production of  melanocytes in your skin, which will worsen the condition.

  • Do not sit in front of computer / laptop all day, as it emits UV rays, which triggers the pigmentation.
  • Do not use too many products, just because you want to want to get rid of the pigmentation. Stick to few products instead and be consistent in religiously following your skincare regime.
  • Lastly, do not use expired or very old skincare products.

Follow these above mentioned tips to eliminate pigmentation and get rid of sun tan effectively. 

  • Team Glamrs
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