Beauty Hacks Using Talcum Powder

Beauty Hacks Using Talcum Powder

The moment you hear about talcum powder, there are only a few uses that come to your mind! But that’s not true. There’s a lot more that you can do with a talcum powder than you can think of! 

Everyone knows that it works great to eliminate body odour, tone down the greasiness of the hair or you can even use it to repel ants. But a talcum powder is so much more than just these simple hacks. You can use it to glide your pants up, to freshen up clammy feet, to prevent shoe bites, avoid itching and even as a pre waxing ritual. It’s a great investment for keeping it in your beauty closet. You’ll be amazed by all the uses of talcum powder. Here are a few more of them: 

a. Anti perspirant:

It absorbs all the underarm swear and keeps you fresh even on the hottest days.

b. Removes oil stains from clothes:

Just spray some powder on the oil stain and leave it for a couple of hours. The talc will absorb all the grease, leaving the fabric as good as new. 

c. Ant repellent:

Just sprinkle some powder on the cracks or doors or windows to keep the ants away. They don’t care a lot about the

d. Cools the bedsheets:

On days when you’re too lazy to change your bedsheets, just sprinkle some baby powder. It will absorb all the sweat and keeps the sheets fresh and cool. 

e. Prevent chaffing:

A talcum powder even reduces chaffing between the inner thighs, absorbing the sweat and keeping it dry all day! 

It’s all about using the powder the right way in order to maximise its benefits!

- Team Glamrs

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