5-Minute Makeup Routine Every Girl Should Know!

5-Minute Makeup Routine Every Girl Should Know!

We all have those mornings when we don’t want the alarm to  go off, and we keep hitting the snooze button. Most of our mornings are a race against time, when we want to look all prepped up for work but still reach on time.

But don’t you worry! Here’s the perfect solution for you, a quick and easy makeup routine is what you need.

To start your makeup routine all you need to do is:

  1. Base

Even out your skin tone! This is the most important step of your routine. Use a sheer-medium coverage foundation, depending on the coverage your need.

Apply the foundation with a damp sponge or work the foundation into your skin with your fingers as you would a moisturizer. This will help blend your base and will save you some time.

      2. Conceal.

Thinking that foundation is all that you need for your base? Well, foundation does help even out your skin, but it won’t cover up the stubborn dark circles or blemishes. Grab a good quality concealer and gently pat on any blemishes. Avoid rubbing or else you might end up erasing the product away. Focus on the areas that need concealing to keep your base fresh and light.

      3. Line the lids.

Line your lids with a soft brown eye pencil, and gently smudge it with your fingers to soften the eye look. This will help enhance your eyes.

      4. Amp-up the lashes.

Boost up your lashes by adding a good coat of mascara. Focus the mascara on your upper lashline, this will give an illusion of open and bright eyes. Avoid applying mascara on your lower lashline as you don’t want to bring too much attention to your eyes...keep things soft for a more natural look.

     5. Fake that flush

Swirl a little powder blush, or a cream blush to achieve fresh dewy look. Focus the blush on the apples of your cheeks, blending it all the way till the temples of your forehead for naturally flushed look.

     6. Swipe that lip shade on.

We all know that, our makeup collection isn’t complete without that one lipstick that works well for us. Complete the look by adding the lip shade of your choice, you can either choose to go bold by opting for shades like red, bright pinks or you can choose to keep things subtle by choosing soft nude lip shades.

   7. Add that glow.

Lastly to finish off, add some highlighter, to instantly brighten up your face and bring dimension. Focus the highlighter on the high points of your face, i.e where the light naturally hits, like forehead, top of your cheekbones, cupids bow, tip of the nose and your brow bone. 

Voila! You are now ready in no time...this 5 minute makeup routine is just perfect to get you anywhere, be it work, shopping with friends, name it. To tweak this look, you can take it from day to evening glam by adding more drama to your desired feature. 


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