Water Decals Nail Art: How to Use DIY Nail Decals

Water Decals Nail Art: How to Use DIY Nail Decals

Water decals are these beautifully printed images that come in a huge variety and must be dipped in water to become adhesive. They are so easy to use and great for beginners and for people who want an easy to use nail art look.

The ones used in the video is easily available online for approximately Rs. 75 per sheet.

Let's get started!

1. Prep your nails with a base coat to protect your natural nails.

2. Polish your nails with your base colour and allow this to dry completely. 

3. Select which image you'd like to use and cut it down to the size of your nail if you need to.

4. Dip your decal into a small bowl or shot glass of water and gently lift it out with a pair of tweezers or your fingers after a few seconds. 

5. Slide the decal carefully off the backing. Your decal is now ready to be placed on your nail.

6. Position it where you'd like to wear it and place it on your nail. These decals are great because you can gently move them around if you don't like where you've placed it.

7. Press a tissue or cotton pad down on the decal to absorb the excess water.

8. Seal your design by floating on a top coat to protect your manicure and create abeautiful shine. 

Isn't this a gorgeous way to wear nail art? 


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