How To Accessorise And Shop For Jewellery!

How To Accessorise And Shop For Jewellery!

Accessories are a key ingredient in completing any look. They play a very important part in making or breaking your outfit and hence should be used and placed wisely. The accessories chosen will look nicer on you if they are harmonious to your face shape and body proportion.

A few key points while selecting your accessories are:
1. Face Shape
2. Jaw Line
3. Your Best Focal Point

What is a Focal Point?
A focal Point is the best suited point where your necklace, pendant or even your untied scarf should end. We all have 3 focal points.

1st Focal Point:
Measure the length from the top of your forehead till the tip of your nose with your thumb and forefinger. Now without changing the distance between your two fingers, place the same index finger that you placed on the top of your forehead on the base of your chin. The point where your thumb lands on is your 1st focal point.  
Your pendant and necklace should end on your first focus point  
Note: It is important that you do not change the distance between your thumb and index finger to get a more accurate result.
Tap your 1st focal point 3 times with your finger. Your brain will register it and you will not easily forget. 

2nd Focal Point:
Simply measure your full face lengthwise, from hairline to chin with your thumb and middle finger. Use the same measurement to determine your 2nd focal point at the chest.  
Note: Pins and Broaches can ideally be placed on the lapel of the same level as the 2nd focal point. Also your longer chains and beads. 

3rd Focal Point:
This will be very helpful for ladies who love wearing long scarves. Your third focal point will be two of your full head length below your chin. 
Note: You can do the same exercise using your hand or simply use a measuring tape. 

Earrings: If you like long earrings, they should be the same length as your nose.
Studs the same size as your pupil, iris and eye ball will best compliment you. Earrings smaller than the pupil look demure whereas larger than the iris create drama.

Points to Remember: 
1. Always decorate your skinny bits to look slimmer. Your skinny bits consists of your wrists, your earlobes and your neckline. Also, do not hide your skinny bits with the attire you are wearing. For example, fold a jacket slightly to show wrists or do not hide your ankles with jeans or trousers instead fold them.

2. Decorate your earlobes, neck and wrists with dainty jewellery if needed but stick to using singular statement pieces for maximum effect.  

3. Wearing Jewellery in a minimalistic approach makes you look more feminine and it also takes years off your  appearance.  Less is always more.

4. Small scale jewellery is best suited on individuals with small facial features and visa versa.  

5. While wearing a choker, keep in mind to place your choker at the base of your neck so that the length of your neck is not hidden. Wearing a V neck or off shoulder garment will enhance the look of the choker. 

6. Jewellery close to the face can bring out your eye colour. It also enhances your facial features.

Hope you keep these tips and tricks in mind the next time you are out buying jewellery!

Lots Of Love,

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