How To Build Your Style - PART III

How To Build Your Style - PART III

In our last two article we spoke briefly about the different kinds of styles and how one can determine their personal sense of style through our video. 

We touched upon 7 main style categories that were :

  1. Romantic 
  2. Classic Traditional 
  3. High Fashion 
  4. Natural
  5. Classic Elegant 
  6. Creative 
  7. Alluring 

Now, lets go into the depths of the last 3 of these styles to find out which style is a perfect match for you! 

1. Classic Elegant: 
Those that prefer to enjoy timeless beauty and the perfection of classics can be termed as individuals having a Classic Elegant style. The styles they prefer are simple, elegant and glamorous. They appreciate couture like details in clothing, and prefer precious fine jewellery. The colours they drift towards are black, white, red and pink.
A few key pointers to keep in mind while building this style:
● Invest in quality rather than quantity to build your wardrobe
● Shoes and handbags will need to be in fine leather and subtle in design.
● Have garments expertly tailored to ensure proper fit.

Keep In Mind: Sometimes your style can be misunderstood as being too high maintenance. Appear approachable, where necessary.

2. Creative:
Creative individuals express themselves through their clothes. They like to add their own special touch by using interesting contrasts of colour, and texture. They like to be noticed for their fun, upbeat and original style.
A few tips to note down while building this style:
● Choose fabrics that have an interesting texture, colour or embellishment.
● Accessories that have a native feel to them, will appeal to you such as beaten silver and copper.
● Shop in vintage stores to find unusual styles of fabrics and accessories.

Keep In Mind: Your image can appear as too quirky in some formal environments. Mix creative accessories and colours with more traditional pieces to individualise your look.

3. Alluring:
Individuals with an alluring sense of style have a natural star quality. Their clothes are attractive and that draws attention to ones figure. One can take inspiration from Shilpa Shetty or Priyanka Chopra.  
A few tips while building an alluring style:
● Choose colours that enhance your natural colouring.
● Wear accessories that are visible and not too subtle.

Keep In Mind: To be aware of occasions like formal business rendezvous or a charity dinner for which this look could be intimidating. Work your style in a more subtle approach and pay attention that hemlines and necklines are less revealing. 

We hope this article gives you all a clear idea of where your signature style falls! 

Lots of Love, 


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