5 Reasons Why COCONUT WATER Is Good For Your Health

5 Reasons Why COCONUT WATER Is Good For Your Health

Coconut Water is a tropical prize because of its rehydrating and health renewing properties that is consumed worldwide. 

It’s sterile, sweet and rich in nutrients that satisfies ones thirst and brings refreshment in any weather. 

So, take time and consider coconut water to be a part of your diet as not only as a thirst quencher but also for it’s incredible properties such as:


We all have been through those god awful days, when you look pregnant without having an actual baby inside. The reason is gas or the high level of sodium in foods like burgers, pizza and packaged soups. Well, it’s a good thing that coconut water, contains high level of potassium that counteracts the effects of sodium reducing those terrible gas pains thereby, giving you that sexy flat stomach. 


Coconut water is a pretty generous miracle worker as it’s low on fat and can be consumed without fear of packing on extra pounds. A bonus, it also contains fibre that keeps you fuller for longer! So, ladies it’s a win-win situation after all. 


Coconut water is an excellent thirst quencher,as it contains electrolytes that allows your organs to function properly, leaving you with more energy thought the day especially after a long tiring workout. It is also replenishes and maintains bodily fluids that will rehydrate you instantly! 


Ladies, a disproportionate level of electrolytes can cause high blood pressure, thankfully coconut water helps balance the electrolytes in the body. Hurray! To not shoot your pressure off the roof consume a glass of it first thing in the morning to kickstart your day. 


Our day comes to a standstill when those pesky pimples and horrible acne surface but we have an easy solution, topical application of coconut water actually clears and tones the skin. So, there you go a natural toner that’s inexpensive and easily available. It also moisturises the skin from within eliminating large amounts of oil and that is why facial cream, shampoos and conditioners have traces of coconut extract. 


Hawaiians call coconut water “Dew From Heavens” so make sure you use a little part of this heaven sent water to your advantage!




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