Tips for A Happy & Healthy Period

Tips for A Happy & Healthy Period

Though menstrual cycles are a sign of a healthy female body, yet every time we get our PEROID, we feel anything but healthy. In fact our period brings along with it other annoying problems like mood swings, ugly breakouts, terrible stomach cramps and unbearable hunger pangs.

All we do is blame our hormones for all the changes that are taking place in our bodies. But let's see how we can use the very same hormones to our advantage.


DAY 1  is the day you first start bleeding. Your ovaries will secrete 2 hormones called Estrogen and Progesterone to maintain the health of your reproductive system. During this phase Estrogen and Progesterone levels are very low.

If you are someone who is prone to mood swings then you should try boxing because boxing increases endorphins and boosts mood while decreasing stress.

But since all of us are different, if you are someone who suffers intense pain during your menstrual cycle then you should try something that is less taxing on your body. Try yoga or just go for a brisk walk.


This phase starts on the day your PERIOD stops and is called WEEK 2 of your menstrual cycle.

The levels of Estrogen goes on increasing during this phase which is a good thing because Estrogen helps build muscles. Squats, lunges, push ups and calf raises are examples of some exercises that will help you build some muscles.


During the ovulation phase your Estrogen levels will skyrocket to it's highest levels and your strength levels will be extremely high.

So take advantage of this and lift heavy weights during this phase. But be careful and make sure you use proper form, while also paying more attention to your pre and post workout warm ups because your body is more prone to injury during this phase.


The luteal phase occurs AFTER your ovaries release an egg and just BEFORE your period starts again.

This is when the PMS-madness begins.

You will crave for salty and sugary foods and feel extremely tired and lethargic. All theses symptoms make high intensity workouts very difficult. Hence it's best to do exercises that will help you relax. 

Swimming is one of the best exercises to do during your luteal phase.

So there you go,  it’s time to ditch the ‘I’m-having-my-periods’ excuse to get out of gym class because a healthy and active lifestyle is the way to go.



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