4 Pouf Hairstyles Every Girl Will Love

4 Pouf Hairstyles Every Girl Will Love

Confused about how to wear your newly colored hair? With a newly colored mane, you don’t want to tie it up completely and not flaunt that gorgeous hue! If there is anything that can completely change the way you look is a hairstyle! You can dress your hair the way you want to but a simple braid or a casual swirl and a twist to your hair can do the trick! Try these easy hairstyles to give your look a quick transformation.

The Perfect Pouf : A Universal Favourite

A pouf is very universal and versatile as it can be worn casually or formally. It’s very easy to make and can be clubbed with many other hairstyles to add some height and oomph to your hair.  Although poufs may seem very common, clubbing them another hairstyle will definitely make you look like a diva! 

Steps to achieve a perfect pouf:

  1. Section hair
  2. Tease the sectioned hair with a teasing comb
  3. Secure pouf with bobby pins

Hairstyle 1: The Fan Bun

Ditch the regular buns and add some charm to your hairdo with this fan bun hairstyle. It’s quite flattering, elegant and sophisticated. It looks complicated but only takes two easy steps to achieve. Since the hair is up, wearing eye-catching earrings with this will look stunning. For makeup, a striking contour will bring out cheekbones and jawline. Since this is a more formal look, going with either heavy eye makeup or dark eyeshadow should help bring out your best features.

Steps to achieve this hairdo:

  1. Pull hair up in a half ponytail, making a loop with your hair
  2. Tuck the rest of the hair in the space between the loop

Hairstyle 2: The Biker Braids

This is a very edgy look and looks amazing on funky hair colors such as bright reds! Looks best on shorter hair as that allows this hairstyle to have as much volume as possible. Since this hair is all about being raw and edgy, makeup and hair should also reflect that. Go with a softer makeup look for the day with a minimalistic eye and nude lipstick. You can build it up for the evening with a darker lipstick or a smokey eye! You’ll stand out from the crowd with leather jackets and ripped jeans/ shirts that compliment this hairdo perfectly well. 

Steps to achieve this hairdo:

  1. Braid small sections of hair
  2. Build it up
  3. Secure with thin rubber band
  4. Boost hair

Hairstyle 3: The Croissant Crossover

Love wearing your hair open but tired of the same look on every occasion? Get in touch with your bohemian side with this hairstyle. Mix this hairstyle with a pouf and make this look twice as bohemian. This hair will look great on long hair! An off shoulder dress / top or colorful prints along with a dark lipstick and bold eyeliner will look like something out of a bohemian dream.

Steps to achieve this hairdo: 

  1. Braid small sections of hair
  2. Entwine the braids and secure with bobby pins

Hairstyle 4: The Raving Ropes

This hairstyle adds some drama to your hair that’s perfect for a special occasion or even for a night out with the girls. All you have to do is twirl your hair and pin them up. This look is a very versatile one, as it will look amazing on all kinds of hair, no matter the color or length. This hairstyle will work amazingly for day 2 and day 3 hair and is a good alternative to tying hair up or even washing it. This kind of a hairdo is simple yet edgy and will look great with a dark lip. 


  1. Twist section of hair close to the forehead from front to back
  2. Turn the hair
  3. Then clip with bobby pins

All these hairstyles can be worn at multiple occasions, as they are easy to wear, need minimal tools and ensure that you look super cool all the time!

- Team Glamrs 



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